Why is Phillip Island world-famous? 

Attractions such as the Penguin Parade and MotoGP have made Melbourne’s Phillip Island world-famous.  For visitors to Melbourne, Phillip Island is often on the top of their bucket list. But what draws these massive crowds, almost every night of the year? There is a long list of attractions on the island, but a few in […]

Visitors Guide to Melbourne’s Little Penguins

The ultimate visitor’s guide to Melbourne’s Little Penguins – the world’s smallest penguins and the famous Penguin Parade. Seeing penguins in the wild is an incredible experience, and there’s no better place to do it than the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. The island is home to the largest colony of Little Penguins in the world. […]

Where is Phillip Island?

You might have heard of Australia’s Little Penguins and Phillip Island Penguin Parade, but where is Phillip Island?  Phillip Island is located two hours drive from the city of Melbourne – the capital city of Victoria in the south east of Australia. It’s easily accessible on a day trip from the city. However, you’ll want […]

Visitors Guide to Melbourne’s Brighton Bathing Boxes

The ultimate visitor’s guide to Melbourne’s Brighton Bathing Boxes – the historic and colourful attractions on the city’s beaches. Brighton Beach is the first stop on our Phillip Island tour. We visit the beach to marvel at the long row of colourful bathing boxes. Also known as beach boxes, they have a long history on […]

Top Melbourne Tours to Experience in 2022

There’s only a few months left of the year, so get in quick to experience these top Melbourne tours in 2022.  After a few years of hibernation due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns, Go West Tours have been back on the road in 2022. We’ve restarted our top Melbourne tours, because we want to take […]

On Tour with Jess – Phillip Island

Find out what it’s really like to take a tour to Phillip Island near Melbourne – home to the famous Little Penguin colony! Our Go West intern Jess recently took a tour to Phillip Island and is ready to share all the details! From hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies to watching thousands of Little Penguins […]

Four Iconic Australian Animals at Moonlit Sanctuary 

Kangaroos, koalas, wombats and emus – these four iconic Australian animals can be seen up close at Moonlit Sanctuary. Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is one of the stops on our Phillip Island Day Tour. During your visit you can take a guided wildlife walk to meet and hand-feed many species of native Australian animals. […]

8 Must-do Melbourne Tours

Here are the must-do Melbourne tours that you should take to explore the incredible nature, sightseeing and wildlife nearby the city.  Eight must-do Melbourne Tours Great Ocean Road Why you should do it – unrivalled natural landscapes, stunning beaches, wild koalas and the incredible 12 Apostles.  When you should do it – we recommend Spring […]

Why you should visit Phillip Island post-Covid

Visit Phillip Island post-Covid while the nature and wildlife are thriving– from Little Penguins to seals, shearwaters and whales.  The island is home to many nature and wildlife attractions including stunning beaches and the world-famous Little Penguin Parade. On Phillip Island you can explore amazing beaches, take in incredible coastal views and see unique Australian […]

8 Natural Wonders near Melbourne 

Here’s 8 natural wonders near Melbourne that you should be on your must-visit list during your stay in the city.  From lush rainforests to spectacular rainforests, there’s no shortage of natural wonders near Melbourne. Best of all there are many ways to discover them – and they can all be done on our day tours […]