Little Penguins on Phillip Island compared to Penguins around the World

There are currently 18 recognised species of penguins around the world, the smallest of which is the Little Penguin found on Phillip Island.   Little Penguins on Phillip Island Phillip Island’s Little Penguins are 40 – 45 cm tall and weigh up to 1.2 kg. They are found nesting along the coastline of Australia and New […]

Where to see Penguin parade tours near Melbourne?

Everyone is aware of how adorable penguins are! From endearing little wiggles to their tuxedo-like black and white feathers. Their cuteness simply improves everything. If you want to enjoy the world’s largest colony of penguins, plan a trip to the penguin parade tour from Melbourne. Any night of the year, you can enjoy the magic […]

Why you should visit Phillip Island with a tour

Visit Phillip Island, located off the coast of Victoria, Australia, with a tour to get the best possible experience. Phillip Island is a popular tourist destination for its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. One of the island’s most famous attractions is the Penguin Parade, a nightly event where little penguins, also known as fairy penguins, […]

Melbourne’s Best Tours in 2023

These are Melbourne’s best tours you have to take in 2023! From viewing the 12 Apostles at sunset to watching penguins waddle right past your feet. Melbourne is open to visitors and ready to welcome you to explore this incredible destination. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and the one with the most […]

Where to stay on Phillip Island?

Check out our guide to where to stay on Phillip Island. So you can experience the best of the island – including the Little Penguins. Just a couple of hours drive from Melbourne is Phillip Island – home of the world-famous Penguin Parade. To make the most of your visit, why not stay a few […]

The Best Beaches at Phillip Island

Our guide to the best beaches at Phillip Island – Melbourne’s nature and wildlife wonderland – home of the Penguin Parade. Just 2 hours drive from Melbourne is the nature and wildlife paradise of Phillip Island. This island is one of the most picturesque places in the state of Victoria. Plus, because its an island […]

Best Summer Tours in Melbourne 2022

Enjoy the warmer months in Australia’s second largest city, with these fantastic Summer Tours in Melbourne. Summer in Melbourne is a time of celebration. The city relaxes into the summer holidays and people come to visit for the fantastic atmosphere. There’s night markets, music festivals, and a whole lot of sport – cricket and tennis […]

Guide to San Remo – the gateway to Phillip Island

Check out our guide to San Remo, the small seaside town that is the gateway to Phillip Island! San Remo is a small seaside village in Victoria, which has become famous for being the gateway to world-famous Phillip Island. San Remo was once a small fishing village, and it still has the same relaxed, holiday […]

Why is Phillip Island world-famous? 

Attractions such as the Penguin Parade and MotoGP have made Melbourne’s Phillip Island world-famous.  For visitors to Melbourne, Phillip Island is often on the top of their bucket list. But what draws these massive crowds, almost every night of the year? There is a long list of attractions on the island, but a few in […]

Where is Phillip Island?

You might have heard of Australia’s Little Penguins and Phillip Island Penguin Parade, but where is Phillip Island?  Phillip Island is located two hours drive from the city of Melbourne – the capital city of Victoria in the south east of Australia. It’s easily accessible on a day trip from the city. However, you’ll want […]