Everyone is aware of how adorable penguins are! From endearing little wiggles to their tuxedo-like black and white feathers. Their cuteness simply improves everything. If you want to enjoy the world’s largest colony of penguins, plan a trip to the penguin parade tour from Melbourne. Any night of the year, you can enjoy the magic of watching these incredible seabirds waddle from the ocean to their burrows from our viewing platforms and boardwalks.

1.    Visit The Phillip Island

At Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Penguin Parade, you can watch little penguins run across the sand to their homes at dusk. After dark, stroll along boardwalks to observe, smell, and hear these penguins in the colony introducing themselves to neighbors, partners, and their chicks.

Summerland Beach is home to more than 4,000 of the 32,000 little penguins that reside in the waters near Phillip Island. The little penguins, emerge from their burrows an hour or so before sunrise and swim up to 100 kilometers each day before coming back at dusk. Tour from Melbourne to Phillip Island penguin parade is accessible by car in 90 minutes.

2.    St Kilda Breakwater

Little Penguins live in a colony at the St Kilda Breakwater. If you want to visit the penguin island Melbourne tour, you can keep this place at the top of your list! From the promenade on the St Kilda Breakwater, you can see the colony approaching the shore just before sunset. At the head of the pier, there is a viewing platform that can be reached, but it can get very busy at times. For the sake of the penguins’ safety and to minimize traffic, it is good to visit on weeknights.

3.    Sea Life, Melbourne

The King and Gentoo penguins, these two penguin species are found at sea life in Melbourne. You can also see, king penguins, the fascinating creatures with their colorful plumage, impressive stature, and regal nature.

These adorable and sarcastic penguins also happen to be the fastest underwater swimmers and are bred in aquariums at Sea Life. The next time you visit, they might even say hello! Visit the penguin display to see what the birds eat and get close up to the adorable and sly penguins.

4.    Warrnambool

Seabirds like the Short-tailed Shearwater, Black-faced Gull, and Little Penguin can also be found on Warrnambool’s Middle Island. Middle Island, which would be close to the Warrnambool foreshore, has a fascinating history. Penguins had spent many years living there in a colony. By the beginning of 2005, there were reportedly only 10 of them left. To avoid a late night for the kids, go there in the late autumn or spring season when sunset is earlier.


The best time to see penguins is typically between October/November and March/April. They construct nests, lay eggs, and raise chicks or undergo molting depending on the month. You’ll see a little less penguin activity during the molting period, which typically occurs in January or February.

While planning a Melbourne penguin tour allow extra travel time during a long weekend or a time when schools are out for the year. To avoid missing out, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance.