Top Melbourne Tours to Experience in 2022

There’s only a few months left of the year, so get in quick to experience these top Melbourne tours in 2022.  After a few years of hibernation due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns, Go West Tours have been back on the road in 2022. We’ve restarted our top Melbourne tours, because we want to take […]

Penguin Parade – a guide to Phillip Island’s nightly nature show

The highlight of any day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island is the amazing nightly Penguin Parade at Summerland Beach. On Phillip Island, just 2 hours drive from Melbourne, a very special sight can be witnessed every evening after sunset. This is when thousands of Little Penguins emerge from the ocean and waddle across the […]

Attractions on Phillip Island

There are many nature and wildlife attractions on Phillip Island including stunning beaches and the world-famous Little Penguin Parade.  If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, it’s well worth taking a day trip to Phillip Island. You can explore amazing beaches, take in incredible coastal views and see unique Australian wildlife up close.   In […]

When is the best time to visit Phillip Island?

Check out our guide to the seasons and wildlife to find out when is the best time to visit Phillip Island. Just under 2 hours drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is a nature and wildlife lovers paradise. The island is home to many different species of wildlife, the most famous of which is the Little […]

Cape Woolamai at Phillip Island

Cape Woolamai at Phillip Island is renowned for its stunning pink granite cliffs, surf beach, and incredible wildlife.  A visit to Cape Woolamai on our Phillip Island tour from Melbourne reveals its place as a natural wonder amongst the protected flora and fauna of the island. The island is famous for its resident Little Penguin […]

Guide to being eco-friendly at Phillip Island

With the help of Go West tour guide Joel (aka @McVenturer), who is a passionate environmentalist and avid adventurer, we have put together a guide to being eco-friendly at Phillip Island. Being an eco-certified company, we feel a strong responsibility to act as environmentally friendly as possible. We are passionate about preserving and protecting the […]

Guide to Phillip Island

If you are planning to visit Melbourne and you love animals, be sure to read our Guide to Phillip Island. Phillip Island is home to a lot of Australian wildlife, making it an incredible place to explore. Along with wallabies, sea birds, Cape Barren Geese and bandicoots, the highlight of your visit is sure to […]

Go West Phillip Island Tour

Join us on our Go West Phillip Island tour to see Little Penguins parading across the sand at Phillip Island! But it’s not just penguins. You’ll see all kinds of Australian animals at Moonlit Sanctuary. Plus, we visit the  brightly coloured bathing boxes at Brighton Beach. And the Nobbies Boardwalk will give you a chance […]

The Nobbies @ Phillip Island

The Nobbies at Phillip Island The Nobbies are dome-shaped rock formations off the coast of Phillip Island which provide an important home to the islands Little Penguins. The largest colony of Little Penguins can be found nesting in and around Phillip Island, only a couple of hours drive from Melbourne. During our Phillip Island day […]

Phillip Island Day Tour – The Tour For Every Animal Lover

See Australian Animals including penguins, kangaroos, koalas and more on our Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne. Our Phillip Island day tour from Melbourne gives you the chance to discover unique Australian wildlife like penguins, kangaroos, koalas, and plenty more. Because we think we’ve created the ultimate tour for animal lovers and we would love […]