If you are planning to visit Melbourne and you love animals, be sure to read our Guide to Phillip Island.

Phillip Island is home to a lot of Australian wildlife, making it an incredible place to explore. Along with wallabies, sea birds, Cape Barren Geese and bandicoots, the highlight of your visit is sure to be the Little Penguins. The island is home to the largest colony (approximately 30,000) of the world’s smallest penguins.

‘‘Phillip Island is an incredible place to see penguins up close in their natural environment. The magic of watching them waddle right past your feet is an experience you will never forget!”

– Leah, Go West tour guide

Highlights of our Phillip Island tour

Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park

  • Interact with and learn about a wide range of Australian animals
  • Get the opportunity to hand feed kangaroos and wallabies
  • Enjoy the interactive and educational ‘Conservation in Action’ show

Nobbies Boardwalk and Discovery Centre

  • Take in the amazing coastal views at the Nobbies Boardwalk
  • Spot Little Penguins sheltering underneath the boardwalk
  • See the rough waves smash into the rocks

The Penguin Parade

  • Take a stroll through the newly built Visitor Centre
  • Spot hundreds of Little Penguins crossing the beach
  • Walk right alongside the Little Penguins as they make their way back to their burrows

You can combine these attractions with a visit to the colourful and historic Brighton bathing boxes on our Phillip Island Day Tour.

Alternatively, you can combine these attractions with a ride on the century-old steam train Puffing Billy, through the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest, on our Puffing Billy, Kangaroos, Koalas & Penguins Day Tour.

What to take with you

Your camera!

  • We are going to be seeing a lot of Australian wildlife, so be sure to bring your camera so you can capture the moment.

A warm sweater/jacket

  • In the evening at the Penguin Parade it can be really cold, no matter which season it is. Because of this it is smart to bring a warm jacket or sweater with you, so you will not catch a cold.

Some money

  • When we go to Moonlit Sanctuary we suggest to buy some food for the kangaroos and wallabies so you can feed them and get closer to these amazing Australian animals.

How to get there

Phillip Island is located approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from Melbourne. Be aware that viewing of penguins occurs after sunset so the return drive will be in the dark. Penguin Parade arrival times vary throughout the year, from approximately 5.30pm in winter to 9.30pm in summer.

Consider taking a tour to make the journey safer and easier for you!


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