Here are the Top Five Things to See and Do on the Phillip Island Day Tour – one of Victoria’s most popular destinations. 

There’s plenty to see and do in Phillip Island and Go West has selected our top five for a truly memorable experience!

This tour is great for animal lovers! Also for those wanting to experience the incredible natural wonders of Australia. It’s guaranteed, our day tour from Melbourne will not disappoint. 

Experience the amazing Penguin Parade

The main attraction on Phillip Island are the resident Little Penguins. The nest on the island’s beaches and go out to the ocean to fish when they are hungry. At the end of each day you can see the Little Penguins returning to the island with full bellies. They waddle out of the waves and across the sand in groups. When they reach the sand dunes it’s time to split up and go their separate ways. Back home to their burrows for a good night’s rest. 

Every night of the year on Summerland Beach at the western end of Phillip Island, you can view these penguins returning from the ocean. The Penguin Parade facilities provide seating and boardwalks. So you too can walk through the sand dunes and view these penguins up close – without disturbing their daily ritual. It’s an amazing sight and a highlight of any trip to Phillip Island to see penguins up close. 

With Go West’s Phillip Island tour, watch the little fairy penguins come in from the sea and make their way up the sand to their burrows. Our tour guides will ensure you get to experience the enchanted view from the very best point.

Visit the famous Brighton Beach Boxes on the beaches of Brighton

Melbourne’s Brighton Beach has the largest concentration of bathing boxes in the area. There are almost 90 boxes lined up along the one beach. You can visit Brighton Beach on our Phillip Island tour to marvel at the long row of colourful beach boxes. It is a great spot for photos and it has an interesting history.

The bathing boxes are painted in many different colours and different designs. In summertime it is common to see the beach and the beach boxes in use. Mostly the boxes are used to store chairs, beach umbrellas and fishing equipment. 

You can visit Brighton Beach on our Phillip Island day tour from Melbourne. It is our first stop on the tour, just a short drive from the city centre. It is a great place to take photos and scroll along the sand to admire the many different designs.  

Get up close to the adorable koalas, wallabies and great eastern kangaroos at the Moonlit Sanctuary

Walk freely through the Sanctuary while getting to see the wild Australian animals in their natural habitat at the remarkable Moonlit Sanctuary conservation parks. Stroll through the beautiful wildlife park or along the bush walking tracks where you may get to spot some more iconic Aussie animals, such as wombats and echidnas!

Get in touch with nature by visiting Point Grand and the Nobbies

Home to some amazing marine wildlife and Australia’s largest colony of Fur Seals, the Nobbies offers truly stunning coastal viewing over Bass Strait. Take a moment to stroll along the boardwalk and spot the Seal Rocks in the distance where the largest colony of Fur Seals in Australia live. It truly is a remarkable experience for all nature-lovers!

The Nobbies are dome-shaped rock formations off the coast of Phillip Island which provide an important home to the island’s Little Penguins. They can be viewed from the boardwalks at Point Grant and the Nobbies Visitor Centre. Viewing the Nobbies before sunset gives you fantastic views out to the Southern Ocean and across Western Port Bay.  

If you follow the boardwalks at Point grant they will take you the Nobbies Blowhole. A hollowed-out section of the cliffs where waves crash in and mist sprays back out. If there is a large southerly swell, the blowhole will be at its most spectacular and is well worth a look. 

Take a walk across the sand at Woolamai Beach

Cape Woolamai at Phillip Island is renowned for its stunning pink granite cliffs, surf beach, and incredible wildlife. It is also one of the top surf spots on Phillip Island. With big swells and beach breaks, it is for experienced surfers. The beach is 4.2 kilometres long and faces south-west into the high waves and westerly winds. 

When time permits, we visit Woolamai Beach on our day tour from Melbourne. It’s a chance to view the big waves, see incredible view to the headland and along the southern side of the island – and take a walk across the sand.

Join us on tour to experience all five!!

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Our day tours explore all of the best destinations in Victoria – such as the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island Penguin Parade, Yarra Valley and more. We pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards for excellence and customer service. 


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator