Melbourne three day itinerary – for Animal Lovers

We’ve created the ultimate Melbourne three day itinerary for animal lovers. From penguins to kangaroos and koalas, we’ve got you covered.  A visit to Australia must include at least some of the country’s iconic wildlife. There’s nothing quite like seeing kangaroos hopping across a field in real life, or gaze at the face of a […]

Where to see kangaroos near Melbourne

Check out our guide for both visitors and locals on where to see kangaroos near Melbourne.  Kangaroos are perhaps the most iconic Australian animals. Therefore, many visitors who come to Australia are hoping to catch a glimpse of these famous marsupials. For anyone planning a trip to Melbourne, it is possible to enjoy the best […]

Video Guide to: the Grampians National Park

Check out our latest video guide to the Grampians National Park. For the outdoor adventurer and lover of nature and wildlife, the Grampians National Park is the ultimate playground. In this video Go West guide Jon shows us what to expect on Grampians National Park Day Tour from Melbourne. Discover nature walks, wildlife and incredible […]

The Grampians Day Tour: 5 Tips for Planning Your Visit – Guest Blog

Guest blogger Taylor Randolph of the Travelling Souk has written this  Guide to The Grampians Day Tour: 5 Tips for Planning Your Visit. The Grampians National Park is a stunning mountain range rising from the picturesque Victorian landscape. Let the Grampians take your breath away with its cascading waterfalls, towering sandstone cliffs, and lush green forest […]

Video Guide to: Wilsons Promontory National Park

Check out our latest Video Guide to: Wilsons Promontory National Park! Go West Tours has a great day tour from Melbourne which allows you to explore the best of Wilsons Promontory. Tour guide Paul shows us what to expect on our day trip – from the spectacular beaches and rocky mountains, to the native wildlife […]

Guide to Wilsons Promontory National Park

We’ve created a guide to Wilsons Promontory National Park, so you can be prepared for your visit! Go West Tours now operate day tours from Melbourne to Wilsons Promontory. It’s a great day filled with walks, wildlife, beaches, bushland and mountains. This spectacular National Park is a great way to escape the crowds and discover […]

Why You Should Spend A Day In The Grampians National Park

  The Grampians National Park is an incredible mountain range west of Melbourne – the perfect place for a day trip from the city. On a day trip from Melbourne you can explore the best of the Grampians National Park. The waterfalls, scenic lookouts and wildlife such as kangaroos and emus are waiting for you. Take […]

Phillip Island Day Tour – The Tour For Every Animal Lover

See Australian Animals including penguins, kangaroos, koalas and more on our Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne. Our Phillip Island day tour from Melbourne gives you the chance to discover unique Australian wildlife like penguins, kangaroos, koalas, and plenty more. Because we think we’ve created the ultimate tour for animal lovers and we would love […]

Conservation in Action Show at Moonlit Sanctuary

Where to see Australian animals in Melbourne? At Go West Tours we are often asked: where is the best place to see Australian animals in Melbourne? If seeing native Australian animals is high on your to-do list during your visit to our beautiful city, then we know just the place for you! Moonlit Sanctuary is […]