The Grampians National Park is an incredible mountain range west of Melbourne – the perfect place for a day trip from the city.

On a day trip from Melbourne you can explore the best of the Grampians National Park. The waterfalls, scenic lookouts and wildlife such as kangaroos and emus are waiting for you. Take scenic walks through bushland and rocky gorges to discover the ancient history and present day flora and fauna of this incredible region. 

Whether you love taking photos in beautiful locations, or want to immerse yourself in a true Aussie destination  – the Grampians National Park is a great place to do it! Join us on a day trip from Melbourne and be treated to an incredible tour of this off-the-beaten track destination. 

Here’s what you can expect on a day trip to the Grampians National Park

The Grampians are home to over 1,000 species of native plants and 250 species of Australian birds. As well as other Australian animals including kangaroos and wallabies. On our day tour from Melbourne we explore the walks, wildlife and waterfalls of the National Park. The area is very significant to the local Aboriginal people and is home to the majority or Aboriginal rock art.

Get ready to visit the Grampians

On the morning of your tour, you will be greeted at your meeting point by your driver/guide for the day. All of our guides are knowledgeable and friendly – and ready to share a wonderful destination with you. 

For a day trip to the Grampians, it’s best to wear some comfortable walking shoes. You should also pack a drink bottle and some sunscreen in summer. We will bring water to re-fill drink bottles throughout the day. 

Also bring money to buy lunch as we will stop in the town of Halls Gap for a lunch break. There are many food and drink options available here for you.

Journey to the Grampians 

On the drive out to the Grampians we stop in at the town of Ballarat to learn about the gold mining history, and enjoy some morning tea. Ballarat was a gold mining town that was the location of an important event in Australia’s history – the Eureka Stockade.

In 1851  gold was discovered near Melbourne. This sparked a rush of migrants coming to Australia hoping to strike it rich. Three years into the Victorian Gold Rush, the miners were extremely unhappy with their living conditions. 

In 1854, after expressing their concerns but without any changes, they came together in Ballarat. The miners stage a protest, raising the Eureka flag and burning their mining licences in protest. They clashed with police in was has become an infamous event in Australia’s history. 

On our journey to the Grampians, you will stop at the exact place the rebellion took place and you can learn about the impact the Eureka Stockade had on Australia’s culture and history. 

Exploring the Central Grampians

Silverband Falls

On arrival in the Grampians National Park, we immerse ourselves in the Australian bush with a gentle stroll to see the Silverband Falls. Walk amongst eucalyptus trees and wattle trees, and alongside a stream until you reach the falls. This small, but beautiful, waterfall is named after the cascades which look like a silver band flowing over the rocks. 

Lunch in Halls Gap 

After Silverband Falls we stop in the town of Halls Gap for a lunch break. Lunch is at your own expense with many cafe and bakery options to choose from. Keep an eye open for the local kangaroos and abundant birdlife that can be seen in the main street of this quaint little town. 

Walking in the Grand Canyon 

After lunch, we head to the Wonderland Turntable trail for a short hike to the Grand Canyon. This looped trail takes you up through the rocky gorge and back down the side of it. As you walk, marvel at the high rising rock walls, crisscrossed with layering and fault lines, showcasing the area’s unique geology. 

Scenic Lookouts 

We’ve picked the best lookouts to visit on our day trip from Melbourne. Soak in the Grampians mountain range and the surrounding plains and valleys from Reeds and Boroka Lookouts. Stunning panoramas await at Reeds Lookout which overlooks the towering Stringybark Forest and Victoria Valley. Boroka Lookout. provides panoramic views of the surrounding region, overlooking the town of Halls Gap and further afield to Lake Bellfield and beyond. 

Exploring MacKenzie Falls 

No trip to the Grampians would be complete without a visit to the largest waterfall in the National Park. MacKenzie Falls is a majestic waterfall set in a gorge surrounded by eucalyptus forest. Walk to the base to gaze up at the water cascading down over the rocks. Or walk the Bluff trail along the top of the cliffs to see a panoramic view of the falls.  

Spotting kangaroos in Halls Gap 

To finish the day in the Grampians we return to Halls Gap to spot some of the area’s wild kangaroos. These iconic creatures venture out of the bushland to grassy areas to feed in the late afternoon. Its a chance to see kangaroos up close in their natural environment. 

Grampians Day Tour highlights:

  • Take a stroll through shady forests to Silverband Falls
  • Time to explore the wildlife and surroundings of Grampians township of Halls Gap
  • Take a short hike from the Wonderland Turntable into the spectacular Grand Canyon
  • Hike to one of the Grampians most famous sites, MacKenzie Falls
  • Enjoy panoramic views from Reeds Lookout and views over the mountain range from Boroka Lookout
  • Spot wild animals in their natural habitat

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Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator