Seven Signs that it’s Spring in Melbourne

Melburnians! – Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be more excited! Finally our long, dark, cold winter has come to an end and the season of rebirth and rejuvenation is upon us. Here are our 7 sure signs that Spring has arrived in Melbourne!

The dreaded annual spring clean

Spring – the season of new beginnings! Having a massive spring clean is one of the more unpleasant traditions that homeowners indulge in. Driveways come alive as garage sales, auctions and open house inspections fill the weekends.

Footy Finals Time

The start of spring marks AFL finals season, so get ready to talk footy. AFL is a sport that is unique to Australia, also known as ‘footy’ or ‘Aussie Rules’. Enjoy a fun day at the footy and experience the atmosphere of the crowds, as you watch this fast pace game. No matter how badly your team has gone you’ll spend the next few weeks thinking about how it is mathematically possible that they could make the top eight.

Temperamental Weather

It’s a well-known fact that Melbourne weather is as temperamental as a toddler, and this is especially true in Spring. If you get a nice day – or even a nice 15 minutes – be sure to take full advantage and soak up some of those sun rays.

It’s Breeding Season!

Spring is on its way, and that means warmer days and wildlife viewing opportunities are on the horizon. Spring is such a great time of the year to visit Phillip Island. During the spring nights, the colony behind the Penguin Parade is alive with the braying sounds of Penguins mating and fighting over females. During Spring the Penguins party all night as they begin making a family.

Melburnians are emerging from their winter hibernation

Got a case of the ‘Winter Blues? The journey to the tram feels like a trek through Antarctica? Well have no fear, the morning birds are singing and it’s time to get your life back. The outdoor areas of cafes and the famous laneways of Melbourne’s CBD are filling up too.

Spring Racing Season

It’s time to head for the track! Spring in Melbourne also means fascinators, dresses, and of course horse racing. Every year the Spring Racing Carnival attracts tens of thousands to the racecourse. Whether you’re there to cheer on the horses, take part in Fashions On The Field, or to pop a bottle of champagne in the sun, you can’t beat Melbourne’s racing season.

Daylight Savings

As of October 1st, it’s time for clocks to be wound forward one hour. There will be more daylight hours for activities and you won’t have to leave the house in total darkness for the morning commute.

While Spring has only just begun, there is plenty to get excited about…