Grampians area has a rich cultural history with sandstone mountains, endangered flora, and breathtaking waterfalls. It is the perfect location for outdoor adventurers.

If you are planning to go somewhere outside Melbourne, take a day trip to the Grampians and explore the park’s famous trails at your own pace.

Top 5 things to do at the Grampians

Because of its location on the great southern touring route, the Grampians national park is often visited by those passing through in a single day. Check out our list of the top 5 activities during Grampian’s tour from Melbourne.

1. Take a short walk at the Pinnacles

Visitors always prefer a short walk in Victoria, the Pinnacles stroll in the Grampians National Park. The walk is 4.2 kilometers roundtrip from the Wonderland and Sundial parking lots. For those seeking a greater challenge, starting ascent from Halls Gap Caravan Park, which adds about 2 kilometers and several rock pools will be more astonishing.

2. Relax at Victoria’s biggest waterfall

During the day trip to Grampians from Melbourne stand at the base of MacKenzie Falls. It’s difficult to imagine that these rumbling cascades, the biggest and the only ones in the Grampians that flow continuously. Even though it’s one of the park’s most popular attractions, take the walking trail out from watchful to the pool at the bottom to feel the force of nature. The lengthier but gentler MacKenzie River Walk is less taxing on the knees if you don’t feel like climbing the 265 steps.

3. Look for a dream in St. Arnaud

The historic major gold town of St. Arnaud, in particular its Silo and Art Trail, is one of the Grampians’ best-kept secrets despite being known for its towering peaks and breathtaking views. Kyle Torney, a local artist, has created nine public works that are displayed along the trail. “Hope,” which spans two storage facilities and represents the aspirations of the time, is Torney’s most arresting piece.

4. Frame the Wimmera

The vistas in the art display Framing the Wimmera are truly extraordinary, even though many views in the Grampians are worth framing. Super-sized frames at Mount Arapiles, the Grampians, and the Wimmera River, are some of the most picturesque locations in the area. So, make wonderful backdrops for photos at the Grampians day tour from Melbourne that are ready to share!

5. Explore the world of olive oil in detail

One of Australia’s first olive groves was established by The Grampians Olive Co. It’s the venue to get the great oil on, well, the good oil. Visit the farm, discover how to taste like an olive oil sommelier, follow the process from tree to bottle, and start stocking up on picnic supplies.


The Grampians are a magical destination, with canyons, bushland, and waterfalls. Getting out of the city and into the woods at there to take in nature’s splendour is an excellent opportunity.

So, for those who are physically fit and have a passion for the outdoors, there is no better option than the Grampians day trip from Melbourne!