Go West Combatting COVID-19

Go West Tours is committed to operating our services in a manner that ensures the highest levels of safety for our staff, our guests, and members of the public.

We are proud to have been certified as a “Clean Practicing Business” by the Victorian Tourism Industry Council.

All touring guests aged 12 years & above are required to be fully vaccinated and must be able to demonstrate this – or a valid medial exemption – upon joining the tour.

Guest are required by law to check in using our QR code when boarding our touring vehicles and at present it is mandatory to wear a fitted face mask at all times while inside the touring vehicle. Should any guest have an exemption from wearing a fitted face mask, they must be able to demonstrate this to their guide upon joining the tour.

Our touring vehicles are cleaned & disinfected both between & during tours to ensure that all high-touch surfaces are kept as free as possible from possible infection.

At regular intervals during the course of a tour, our tour guides will spray all air-conditioning intake vents with a hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure that any re-circulated air is maintained to the highest possible hygiene standards.

All cleaning & disinfecting agents used by our team are recommended by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration(opens in a new tab). We have utilised business tools provided by the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission(opens in a new tab) to undertake risk assessments across our business and to ensure that our protocols are at a high standard.

We are also in the fortunate position that our Managing Director’s best friend (since primary school days) is an Infection Prevention & Control Specialist with a leading Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Consultancy. You can rest assured that our infection control systems are absolutely hospital-grade.

Conditions of Carriage

All guests will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser upon boarding their touring vehicle.

Until further notice, all guests will be required to wear fitted face (surgical) masks at all times whilst aboard our touring vehicles. Should any guest not have their own mask, our team will be able to provide masks at no cost.

Should you have any questions or feedback about our COVID-safe measures, please don’t hesitate to contact us(opens in a new tab) for more information.

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