There are many great walking trails along the Great Ocean Road, including the Surf Coast Walk, Great Ocean Walk, and trails in the Otway rainforest. 

The Great Ocean Road region has many opportunities to set out on foot and explore this beautiful landscape. It’s not just the coast that is scenic along the Great Ocean Road, but the hinterland as well.

To explore the Great Ocean Road we recommend taking a tour from Melbourne. A Great Ocean Road day tour will allow you to see all the highlights of this scenic coastline in just one day. It’s also the most relaxing way to travel – with your own tour guide in the comfort of our touring buses. 

However, if you like walking or hiking, the Great Ocean Road region is a wonderful place to explore. It is home to some of Victoria’s best walks. Plus, you can explore at your own pace, and take in all this region has to offer. Including beaches, cliffs, rainforest, big waves and many a scenic lookout. 

Read on to learn more about the walking trails along the Great Ocean Road, and how you can explore them today!

Walking trails along the Great Ocean Road

Surf Coast Walk 

The Surf Coast Walk along the Great Ocean Road is the place to explore clifftop lookouts, world famous surf beaches and even spot some wildlife, like birds and echidnas along the way. Starting at Point Impossible, the Surf Coast Walk traverses the coast to take in world famous surf breaks at Bells Beach, untouched natural forests in the Great Otway National Park, secluded beaches at Point Addis and the wildlife-filled Anglesea heathland.

Highlights of the Surf Coast Walk

  • Traversing the cliffs alongside Jan Juc for incredible ocean views
  • Stopping at Bells Beach to watch surfers ride wave after wave
  • Walking along the beach from Point Roadknight
  • Exploring the Aireys Inlet Lighthouse 

How to get to the Surf Coast Walk

Located along the Great Ocean Road between Torquay and Airey’s Inlet is the 44km Surf Coast Walk. To get there from Melbourne is just over an hour’s drive along the M1 highway from the city. 

Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is one of the best long distance walks in Victoria. The trail hugs the dramatic coastline between Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. This is a trail which offers a variety of native flora and fauna as well as a rich history and beautiful remote beaches. Great Ocean Walk offers a completely different perspective of this coastline and the Southern Ocean – which you don’t get from driving the road. 

Highlights of the Great Ocean Walk

  • Leaving civilisation behind to traverse an almost untouched coast 
  • Coastal cliff top campsites with incredible ocean views
  • Descending Gibsons Steps to the beach
  • Finishing the walk at the famous 12 Apostles Lookout
  • How to get to the Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk begins in Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road, and ends at the Twelve Apostles. To get there you can drive from Melbourne. There is the scenic coastal route, or you can take a more direct inland route. You can also catch a train and bus to get to Apollo Bay is you do not have a car. 

Otway Rainforest trails

The Great Otway National Park stretches from Torquay alongside the famous Great Ocean Road and up into the Otways. To explore the section of National Park in the Otway Ranges there are a large number of walking trails.

You can walk amongst lush ferns to discover waterfalls such as Erskine Falls, Sheoak Falls, Triplet Falls, Hopetoun Falls and Kalimna Falls. Visit Maits Rest or Melba Gully to discover gorgeous fern gullies and the giant beech trees. Or visit the incredibly scenic plantation of towering Californian Redwoods hidden deep in the Otway Ranges.

Highlights of the Otway Rainforest trails

  • Walking amongst lush green ferns 
  • Gazing up at towering eucalyptus trees
  • Discovering flowing waterfalls deep in the rainforest
  • Spotting creatures such as Black Snails or Glow Worms 

How to get to the Otway Rainforest

The Otway Ranges are located on the Great Ocean Road, just past Apollo Bay. The easiest way to explore them is with a car, as there is some distance between the different trails. 

Take a Tour

If you have limited time to explore the Great Ocean Road, consider taking a day tour instead. At Go West you can join us on a Day Tour or Sunset Tour of the Great Ocean Road. 

Our Great Ocean Road Day Tour itinerary includes:

  • Walk through lush rainforest rails at Maits Rest
  • Enjoy morning tea on the picturesque beaches of Victoria’s Surf Coast
  • See the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park
  • Visit the Loch Ard Gorge, the site of the Loch Ard shipwreck
  • See koalas in their natural habitat in the eucalyptus forests of the Kennett River township
  • Visit the charming coastal township of Apollo Bay

Our Sunset Tour of the Great Ocean Road itinerary includes:

  • Drive through the Great Otway National Park
  • Spot wild koalas while strolling in the sweetly-scented eucalyptus forest
  • Visit the beaches of Victoria’s famous Surf Coast
  • Marvel at the natural beauty of Loch Ard Gorge and hear the famous tale of shipwreck survival
  • Visit the 12 Apostles Lookout at Sunset


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator