Join us on tour for a full day of exploring the beaches of the Great Ocean Road – an unforgettable experience on a day trip from Melbourne!

One of Australia’s most famous destinations, the Great Ocean Road is a must-visit. If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, it is easy to take a day trip of the Great Ocean Road. On our day tour from the city we explore the beaches and incredible coastline. 

There are beaches for surfing, other beaches for swimming, and some where the water is too wild for anyone to enter. Some of the beaches have incredible rock formations, while others have stories of shipwreck survivors washing ashore. 

One thing is certain – a day tour of the Great Ocean Road is sure to be a memorable experience for all the right reasons. Check out our guide to the beaches along the Great Ocean Road, and we hope to see you on tour soon!

Beaches of the Great Ocean Road


Starting in the east, Torquay is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. It is a popular holiday destination with a relaxed culture, plenty of cafes and eateries and multiple beaches to enjoy. Head to Fisherman’s Beach to throw a line in, Main Beach to swim in the calm waters, or the back beaches for waves and surfing action. 

Jan Juc Beach

Jan Juc is a popular surf and swimming beach that is patrolled in summer. The conditions can be rough so be sure to swim between the flags. If you are a confident surfer there are many different breaks along Jan Juc beach, with the best swells in winter. 

Bells Beach

Bells Beach is a renowned surf beach and home of the annual Rip Curl Pro surf event. Take to the waves if you are an experienced surfer. Otherwise, stay up on the cliffs which are the perfect viewpoint to watch all the action in the waves below. 

Anglesea Beach

The small town of Anglesea is wonderful for families. The main beach is patrolled during summer and is perfect for swimming, with small waves only. If you want to learn to surf, this is a great location and there are a couple of surf schools in town. 

Fairhaven Beach

Fairhaven is the longest stretch of sand along the Great Ocean Road. It is part of the Surf Coast Walk and is a great place to take a stroll along the sand. You can also explore the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch at nearby Eastern View. 


Lorne is one of the safest swimming spots along the Great Ocean Road. The main beach has rock pools to explore and you can walk out to the pier for some great views along the coast. On the foreshore the Sea Baths provide fun for the whole family, and just across the road are many cafés and restaurants.

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is similar to Lorne in that the beach is calm, protected and great for swimming. You can also find plenty of bars, cafes and eateries across the road, maing it a great location for a day out. 

Johanna Beach

Johanna Beach is a popular surf beach for professional and experienced surfers. There is a nearby campsite and plenty of places to explore around the beach if you are not planning to catch the waves.  

Gibson Steps

This fantastic beach is right near the 12 Apostles and is a great way to experience the wild southern coastline. Steps that were originally carved into the cliffs, take you down to the beach. From there you can get up close views of Gog and Magog, two large limestone stacks just off the coast.

Loch Ard Gorge

One of the most popular beaches in the Port Campbell National Park is Loch Ard Gorge. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs and is the location where two shipwreck survivors washed ashore in 1878. 

Port Campbell

Not far past the Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell is a small seaside town with a great swimming beach. While the Apostles coastline is dangerous for swimming, you’ll find a protected beach in Port Campbell which is perfect for a dip in summertime. 

How to visit the beaches of the Great Ocean Road

Go West Tours operates two separate tours to the Great Ocean Road – the day tour or the sunset tour. Here’s a rundown of what is included in each:

Great Ocean Road Day Tour 

  • Spend the day touring the famous Great Ocean Road, with incredible views around  every turn
  • Enjoy coffee, tea and cake at our first stop on the picturesque beaches of Victoria’s Surf Coast
  • Visit the Memorial Arch and learn about the history and construction of the Great Ocean Road
  • See koalas in their natural habitat in the eucalyptus forests of the Kennett River township
  • Visit the charming coastal township of Apollo Bay for a lunch break, with your choice of many cuisines on offer
  • Take a walk through towering eucalyptus trees and lush ferns in the Otway Rainforest at Maits Rest Walk 
  • Visit the coastal look out for the most famous view – the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park
  • Time permitting, walk down the staircase carved into the cliffs at Gibson Steps
  • Visit the incredible beach at Loch Ard Gorge, the site of the Loch Ard shipwreck

Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour

  • Depart Melbourne later in the day to tour the famous Great Ocean Road, with incredible views around every bend
  • Visit the Memorial Arch to learn about the construction of the Great Ocean Road
  • See wild koalas in the eucalyptus forests of the Kennett River township
  • Enjoy a lunch break in one of the Great Ocean Road’s scenic coastal towns 
  • Drive through the Great Otway National Park
  • Marvel at the natural beauty of Loch Ard Gorge and hear the famous tale of shipwreck survival
  • Visit the famous 12 Apostles at dusk to watch the sunset and stay to see the colours lighting up the sky 

All our tours depart from Melbourne and are family friendly. Plus, a knowledgeable tour guide will be your host and driver for the day. Hotel pickups and drop offs are included and you can nominate your preferred pick up location when making your booking. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us to explore the beaches of the Great Ocean Road!


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator