World-class wines, fresh fruits and flourishing vineyards are just a few of the reasons why you should visit the Yarra Valley in Spring. 

The Yarra Valley is Melbourne’s world-renowned wine region. Just a short drive from the city you can experience some of Australia’s best wineries and taste their incredible line up of wines. 

It’s a fantastic destination for a day tour from Melbourne  not just for the wines but for the food as well. The region is known as the food bowl of Victoria and has produce ranging from cheeses and fruit, to chocolate and ice cream. 

On our Yarra Valley Gourmet Tour from Melbourne, you can experience it all in one day. 

7 reasons why you should visit the Yarra Valley in Spring

Fresh fruits 

Start your visit to the Yarra Valley with a refreshing tasting of fresh, locally-grown fruits. Our first stop, Yarra Farm Fresh is a working fruit farm that has an onsite produce store. The store stocks the farm’s fresh produce, alongside other local products. Farm Fresh gives preference to local growers and producers. However, for products that are not grown in the region, they source them from other parts of Victoria. Their range includes jams, relishes, fruit juices, nougat, honey, chocolate, fruit, vegetables and much more. 

The exclusive farm gate visit is a great way to experience a palate-cleansing fruit tasting experience. You can try not only their range of seasonal fruits but other local produce as well. We will also learn about and taste the strawberries that are grown on the property.

World-class wines

We visit three wineries on our Yarra Valley Gourmet Tour – two for wine tastings and one for lunch with a glass of wine included. 

Balgownie Estate 

At Balgownie Estate, everything they do revolves around their wine. From their restaurant to accommodation and day spa, the hero of this property is its wine. We visit to enjoy a tasting from their extensive range of quality wines. You can learn how to swirl, sniff, and slurp like a true connoisseur while tasting some of the very finest Balgownie wines.

Rochford Wines

Rochford Wines is the home of great food, wine and entertainment in the Yarra Valley. Events are held at the winery throughout the year, such as festivals and concerts. We visit on tour to enjoy a gourmet lunch from a menu of dishes that are made using fresh, in-season local produce. After lunch, explore the Rochford gift shop, or climb the spiral staircase to enjoy the panoramic views from the lookout tower.

Yering Station

Yering Station is where Victoria’s first grape vines were planted back in 1838. We visit to taste their exceptional wine range. The cellar door is located in the old winery building. With a private space for an exclusive wine tasting, you can learn all about the wine-making process as well as the wine’s that carry the Yering Station brand. A look around the property is well worth it for the art work, landscaping, gardens and surrounding scenery.

Flourishing vineyards

Touring the Yarra Valley, you pass by many vineyards. Whether you are driving out to Balgownie Estate along the Melba highway, or to Rochford Wines on the Maroondah highway. The region is home to around 90 vineyards, meaning no matter where you go you will see the grapevines lining the undulating valley landscape. Spring is a great time to visit as it is when the leaves return to the vines in the Yarra Valley. After being pruned back and prepared for the next growing season over winter, life returns back to the vines.

Baby animals 

Spring is a good time to spot some baby animals in the Yarra Valley. You might see some young cows, goats and sheep as you drive around. Or during your visit to the Coldstream Dairy you may get a closer look at the young calves on the dairy farm. We visit Coldstream Dairy to taste their delicious range of cheeses. Seated on the patio with views out to the farm and surrounding hills, we sample their cheeses made with Yarra Valley milk. The small family-run business specialises in making Italian-style handmade cheeses, fresh feta and yoghurt.

Blossoms in the orchards 

Grapes are not the only fruit grown in the valley. The rich soils and cool climate are perfect growing conditions. At the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, you can witness the orchards blossoming in Spring. At this Wonka-like destination, world-class chocolatiers create an exquisite range of handmade chocolate creations. We visit for an exclusive chocolate tasting. Depending on the range of chocolates that you taste, they may include some of the ingredients from the orchard and gardens.

Warmer weather returns

Spring is when the weather starts to warm up in winter. After the cold and windy winter months, the warmth is more than welcome. It’s the perfect excuse to get out and explore Melbourne’s most famous wine region. Usually in Spring the mornings and evenings are cool but it warms up during the day. We recommend bringing your layers, and you’ll be able to remove some as the day warms up. However, for the Yarra Valley we are lucky whatever the weather. Even if it’s a rainy spring day or overcast and cold, all of our stops on the Gourmet Day Tour are indoors. 

Ice cream finale on tour 

With some sunshine and warmth returning, it’s perfect ice cream weather – not that you ever need an excuse to eat ice cream! To finish the tour we visit the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. After your exclusive chocolate tasting we recommend you try the ice cream! That’s if you’re not too full from a day of gourmet delights. Made on site, in a whole range of delicious flavour, there’s no better finale to an awesome day tour than a big scoop of ice cream! 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us on a day tour of Melbourne’s Yarra Valley region!


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator