Wilsons Promontory Tours from Melbourne will return in 2023. This stunning national park is a gem waiting to be discovered. 

Wilsons Promontory, commonly known as “the Prom”, is a stunning natural area located southwest of Melbourne. It is the southernmost point of mainland Australia and is renowned for its pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, and rugged coastal landscapes.

Our tour is a day tour from Melbourne which makes it easier for visitors to Melbourne to discover and enjoy this incredible location. No need to drive yourself – our guide will take care of you are you relax in the comfort of our 24-seater buses. Once we arrive in the National Park – the exploring begins!

About Wilsons Promontory Tours

One of the main attractions of Wilsons Promontory is its beautiful beaches. The park is home to many beaches, each with its own unique characteristics. The most popular beaches are Squeaky Beach and Norman Bay, both of which have pristine white sand and turquoise water. These are just a couple of the beaches where visitors enjoy swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Another highlight of Wilsons Promontory is the diverse Australian wildlife that call the National Park home. Its not unusual to spot  kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, emus and many different bird species.

The park also offers a variety of hiking and walking trails, which allow visitors to explore the diverse landscapes of the Prom. From challenging multi-day hikes, to easy beach-side strolls – you can discover coastal landscapes in the park.

Wilson Promontory National Park Tour

Our tour includes the following excellent and memorable highlights:

Mountain Summits with Panoramic Views

Mt Bishop is one of the lookout points that we walk to on our tours. Mountains in the national park offer fantastic views of the coastline, beaches and offshore islands.

However, the journey to the lookouts is just as exciting as the views. To reach the summit of Mt Bishop, the trail begins in the Lily Pilly Gully. This is where immense re-growth has occurred after devastating bushfires. The trail meanders along through the valley before winding up towards the summit.

The winding trail passes through eucalyptus forest, with some glimpses of the ocean as you walk, with the most spectacular view reserved for when you reach the top.

Native Wildlife

Wilson Promontory is home to many native Australian animals – including wombats. These nocturnal animals live in burrows underground and sleep during the day. But they can be seen out of their burrows feeding in the late afternoon.

We visit the Wilsons Promontory Wildlife Walk to view kangaroos and emus. They live on an abandoned airfield, which is now a wildlife reserve. The walking trails are the great places to spot wallabies and native birds including the black cockatoo.

Squeaky Beach

Wilsons Promontory has many great beaches with wide sweeping stretches of sand and brilliant turquoise ocean. The beaches are protected from larger swells by the headlands and offshore islands.

On tour we visit the most popular beach at The Prom, which is Squeaky Beach. ​​This is where the white sand is actually rounded grains of quartz – that makes a squeaking sound when you walk.

At either end of the beach there are boulders and rocky headlands, and from the sand you can see the offshore island in the distance.

Tidal River to Squeaky Beach Coastal Trail

On tour you can discover one of the most scenic walks – from Tidal River to Squeaky Beach. From Tidal River, you walk along boardwalks before crossing over the river. The path then ventures through swamp paperbark forest and wetlands. As you cross the headland there are some great views along the river to the beach and the forest-covered mountains.

Keep an eye out for wallabies along this trail and be prepared for the spectacular views of the crisp white sands at the end of the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Wilsons Promontory National Park?

Wilsons Promontory National Park is located south east of Melbourne in the Gippsland region. It is approximately 2.5 hours drive from the city through some beautiful rural and farming areas.

What will we do on the Wilsons Promontory Tour:

  • Spot native wildlife like kangaroos, wombats, and emus
  • Hear the sand squeak beneath your feet on Squeaky Beach
  • Take the coastal walk to Tidal River
  • Join a guided walk to the summit of Mount Bishop for stunning coastal views

Who is operating the Wilsons Promontory tour from Melbourne?

The Wilsons Promontory Day Tour from Melbourne is operated by us – Go West Tours! Even with 22 years in business, we are still a family-owned and operated tour business. We are as committed to providing guests with an unforgettable experience as we were back in 2000. We are the most highly-awarded tour operator in Melbourne and we guarantee to provide you with an experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Our tour guides are knowledgeable and experienced. They are dedicated to providing you with an excellent day trip from Melbourne. Their passion and enthusiasm for Wilsons Promontory will ensure you have a fantastic day out.


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator @gowest.com.au