In last week’s blog, we spoke about our commitments to you during our time of rest. The first commitment was to remind you why we love doing what we do.

One of the main reasons we love doing what we do is because we get to connect with people from all over the world, all on incredible and unique journeys of their own. Quite simply, we get to meet people who are travelling the world.

Why Do We Love To Travel?

Travelling is one of life’s great pleasures and privileges. But why do people love to travel?

When travelling, we put ourselves in foreign situations to our normal day lives, that both challenge and amaze us. We eat things we’ve never eaten before; we meet people we would never have otherwise met; we learn things we would never have otherwise learned; and we discover things about ourselves that we would never have otherwise discovered.

These moments are all incredible experiences that stay in our memories forever. The keyword here is experiences.

When we travel, we aren’t buying a physical thing. We are buying these experiences that help change our lives. And the good news for those people who love to travel is: science is on our side!

The Science Of Happiness

The science of happiness is underlined by two major points:

1- Happiness thrives best in novel environments
2- Material goods are less influential than experiences because they are separate from you

Novel environments where happiness can thrive happen in almost every single moment when travelling. Moments like watching the penguins come back home at Phillip Island, tasting that beautiful wine in the Yarra Valley, or seeing the kangaroos roam freely in the Grampians. These are the experiences that make us happy, and make us love to travel.

A lot of us right now are staying at home and staying safe. However, when the time comes to get back out on the road, we will be there to give you those experiences.

And we can’t wait to see you on the other side.