Waterfalls, wildlife and wilderness walks are just a few of the reasons why you should take a tour to the Grampians. 

The Grampians Gariwerd  National Park is located west of Melbourne, and an area protected for its flora, fauna and Indigenous importance. The Grampians’ most striking feature is the sandstone mountain range that stretches north to south. The main ridgelines and rocky outcrops stand out amongst the otherwise flat plains of Melbourne’s west. 

The mountains were known as Gariwerd to the First Nations people. In the past it was a special meeting place and still holds significance for Indigenous Australians’ today. In addition to this the Grampians are today home to a significant part of the state’s flora and fauna. This ranges from forests to wetlands and from emus to kangaroos. 

Read on to find out why you should take a tour to this incredible National Park. 

Why you should take a tour to the Grampians

Visit all of the best locations in the Grampians National Park

Taking a tour from Melbourne to the Grampians National Park is a great way to view the best locations, all in one day. The National Park is a large area with many great locations to explore. Taking a tour is the way to ensure you visit all the best spots, without needing to research and navigate to find them.

Your guide will bring you to destinations within the Central Grampians to walk in nature, view waterfalls and get up close to native wildlife. The spectacular lookouts are all sure to be a memorable part of your tour. Here are the locations you can visit on a Go West Tour of the Grampians National Park. 

  • MacKenzie Falls
  • Silverband Falls + Nature Walk
  • The Grand Canyon Gorge Walk 
  • Boroka Lookout 
  • Reeds Lookout 
  • Halls Gap Township – for Lunch and Wildlife Viewing

Have a guided tour of the Grand Canyon 

One of the highlights of the Grampians Tour is the walk through the Grand Canyon. By taking a tour, you will have your own guide as you discover this unique location. The Grand Canyon is a rocky gorge in the Wonderland mountain range. It allows you to get a closer look at the incredible sandstone rocky formations. 

Your guide will lead you on the Grand Canyon Trail. The colours and shapes in the rock reveal themselves as you walk through the gorge. Following the rocky steps, you walk alongside a stream and high up into the gorge. The walk is not challenging, but it is encouraged to have a moderate level of fitness to enjoy the trail.

Once you reach the top of the gorge, there is a set of steps to take you out of the gorge and you are rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. The trail then descends the mountain and through the tress to return you to your starting point. Australia’s Grand Canyon may not be on the same scale as that in the US, but it is an incredible place to explore and connect to the Grampians. 

Guaranteed wildlife sightings 

Taking a tour to the Grampians is a way to guarantee you see native Australian animals in the National Park. Our guide are experts at spotting (sometimes elusive) Australian wildlife. They will be happy to share with you information about our unique Australian animals. 

The Grampians National Park is home to animals such as kangaroos, emus, wallabies and a range of birds including cockatoos, kookaburras, rosellas and more. On our tour we stop to view kangaroos in the township of Halls Gap. These iconic Australian animals are fantastic to view in the wild. They live in groups called mobs, and so you are guaranteed to see more than one!

As you walk the nature trails, keep an eye out for wallabies in the bushes beside the trails. You may also see flocks of cockatoos in the trees above. Emus, the large, flightless Australian birds are in many locations around the Grampians. Perhaps the best place to see them is in the main township of Halls Gap, or in the picnic area at the top of MacKenzie Falls.

Journey in comfort to the Grampians 

The Grampians are located nearly three hours drive from Melbourne. To ensure you have enough energy to enjoy the national park when you arrive, taking a tour is a great way to travel. Why drive yourself and navigate to find the best locations, when you can climb aboard our comfortable bus with your own tour guide to drive and take care of logistics. 

On the journey to and from the Grampians, your guide will share information about the country towns you pass through. You will also stop for morning tea in the historic gold mining town of Ballarat. Here you can stretch your legs and learn a bit about Australia’s history. On the return journey to Melbourne you will stop for a dinner stop, with food options for purchase and a chance to break up the journey. 

Touring with Go West 

Taking a day tour from Melbourne with Go West Tours is a great way to ensure you experience the best of the Grampians National Park. Our expert guides, comfortable bus and friendly, professional approach to touring, will guarantee you a fantastic day trip from the city.

With 22 years in business, Go West Tours is still a family-owned and operated tour business and we are as committed to providing guests with an unforgettable experience as we were back in 2000. We are the most highly-awarded tour operator in Melbourne and we guarantee to provide you with an experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator @gowest.com.au