Melbourne, the vibrant capital of Australia has many attractions and things to do for everyone. The city offers everything to satisfy a visitor’s need for the ideal location to have a great experience, from sports to culture to food to history.

Melbourne has many such locations in Australia which are beyond everyone’s imagination. These locations offer a heart-skipping experience that most visitors are not aware of. Abandoned asylums, theatres, jails, and laneways are just a few of the city’s spooky landmarks. Continue reading the article to learn more about some of these locations, and prepare for a spine-tingling encounter when you visit the city.

1.Williamstown Ghost Tour

The ghosts of those involved in questionable activities and perished in the seedy alleyways and lanes of Melbourne, then known as Victoria, are still present in the city.

In an ethereal form, it may still be seen walking around in the places where they died. It would help if you visited the Williamstown back alleyways and lanes, which are famous for their haunted Melbourne ghost tour, to experience this gruesome past.

2.Old Melbourne Gaol

This location, which was formerly a prison, is now a historical museum. The Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour is the best option if you want to learn more about the sinister aspects of this location. The structure offers a wide variety of nighttime excursions.

The Hangman’s Night Tour, anchored by a genuine hangman to give you the authentic atmosphere of the site, comes after a night spent in the Watch House. Overall, if you’re intrigued by our lively companions from the other realm, you shouldn’t miss our Old Melbourne Ghost Tour.

3.Larundel Mental Asylum

The 1953 opening of Larundel Mental Asylum as a psychiatric treatment center made the institution notable for caring for Peter Dupas, Australia’s most notorious serial murderer. Since then, it has developed into a hotspot for antisocial people, vandals, and ghost hunters.

This location has a creepy atmosphere because of the shattered glass windows and doors, which vandals allegedly caused. The location is currently close to being fully destroyed, so a residential complex may be built.

4.Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is the busiest and most well-known station in Melbourne. You could have a chance to glimpse the ghost of a fisherman if you happen to be at the station in the early hours of the morning.

This platform is claimed to have been constructed where a Yarra River fishing site formerly stood. Some claim that a man was discovered drowned in this location following a boat accident that occurred nearby in 1902.

5.Queen Victoria Market

With a current age of roughly 135 years, this market is among the oldest open-air ones in the city. This location is well-known for its fresh vegetables and other specialty goods. It has frequently been the subject of paranormal activity reports from tourists and stall owners.

Some of these include eerie sounds from the parking lot, unidentified items striking individuals, and the ghost of a little child. Considering the market’s lengthy history, they are only a few minor examples, but this is intriguing information about the location.


Not just these, there are several such weird locations in this metropolis that will give you shivers. Although they are startling, rarely visited, and are mostly beyond the tourist trap, but are worth visiting. The history behind them will make you go pitied and wide-eyed and attract you to witness it. But be cautious and note that this is just for the courageous.