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Top Tips for Pairing Wine and Food

Fancy wine being poured down in glasses for a tasting in Yarra Valley

The Perfect Food and Wine Pairings

Achieving food and wine harmony is simple with these tips from Go West’s gourmet connoisseurs

The team at Go West Tours definitely know a thing or two about wine. Having experienced some of the Yarra Valley’s top wineries and gourmet delights, our tour guides have picked up some tips along the way.

While pairing food and wine often comes down to personal preference, there are some combinations that perfectly complement each other for a match made in foodie heaven!

Consider the acidity of the grape

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how acidic your drop of choice is. White wines often have more acidity due to the grapes being harvested early during the ripening process, while red wines are a lot less acidic as they’re harvested much later in the season.

As acidity in wine often balances the acidity of the dish, white wine will complement dishes that contain higher acidic flavours such a gourmet cheese plate. In contrast, the richness of a bottle of red is perfectly paired with more flavourful and fattier dishes to cleanse the palate.

Achieve ultimate bliss with the perfect body

The next time you’re choosing a bottle of wine to match what you’re eating, make sure you consider the body of the wine. Wine with a lighter body is more suited to light and delicate dishes while richer drops like Merlot are perfectly paired with heartier dishes.

Pairing red and white wine

Creating the perfect food and wine pairing also comes down to balancing the flavour intensity between the two. A full-bodied red goes perfectly with heartier, more flavourful food, like a big bowl of creamy pasta, while light-bodied white wines such as Sauvignon Blancs taste absolutely tantalising with lighter dishes such as seafood.

So now that you’re somewhat of a wine connoisseur, put our tips into practice by sampling some of the finest food and wine the Yarra Valley has to offer. Make a booking for our gourmet Yarra Valley wine tour by contacting Go West today on (03) 9485 5290!

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