How to spend a 3-day holiday in Melbourne?

Victoria’s countryside is the best selection of small towns in the country. Small rural communities near Melbourne are home to many wonderful small businesses, such as jewelry stores, antique stores, clothing stores, and restaurants. Whether you take a short or a 3-day trip from Melbourne, you’ll be enthralled by the surroundings, activities, and sights of […]

5 exciting fun and adventurous trips to make in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that is indeed full of fun. It’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with Melbourne. It has several fun activities such as surfing, kayaking, driving, walking through streets, hanging out with nature, and much more which can be done during free time or on holidays. So, let […]

5 top-rated long vacations escape from Melbourne

Looking for long vacation trips outside Melbourne? There are so many public holidays coming up in Melbourne. You’re in luck if you are residing in Victoria city because you have access to everything you require for a much-needed getaway from city life. Numerous exhilarating journeys, relaxed wine sessions, and amazing wildlife encounters are only a […]

Melbourne Philip Island tour: Top 5 attractions or things to do

Just an hour and a half away from Melbourne, Philip Island is definitely one of the most popular places for a day trip. It is a perfect place to visit with family, friends, or your better half. This little island is big on activities and is sure to give you a gala time in here. […]

5 Best Places to Visit in Melbourne CBD in 2023

Located on the Yarra River in southeastern Australia, Melbourne has been a major port and commercial hub since it was established in 1835. Throughout time, the area bounded by Spring Street, Flinders Street, La Trobe Street, and Spencer Street in Melbourne’s downtown became known as the Central Business District (CBD). Travelers from all over the […]

Iconic Melbourne Attractions: St. Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church is an iconic attraction and historic hidden gem waiting to be discovered in the heart of Melbourne Have you ever wandered through a city and stumbled upon a beautiful church that immediately catches your eye? Well, let us introduce you to St. Michael’s Church, a historic and iconic gem nestled in the […]