Little Penguins on Phillip Island compared to Penguins around the World

There are currently 18 recognised species of penguins around the world, the smallest of which is the Little Penguin found on Phillip Island.   Little Penguins on Phillip Island Phillip Island’s Little Penguins are 40 – 45 cm tall and weigh up to 1.2 kg. They are found nesting along the coastline of Australia and New […]

Melbourne three day itinerary – for Animal Lovers

We’ve created the ultimate Melbourne three day itinerary for animal lovers. From penguins to kangaroos and koalas, we’ve got you covered.  A visit to Australia must include at least some of the country’s iconic wildlife. There’s nothing quite like seeing kangaroos hopping across a field in real life, or gaze at the face of a […]

Why is Phillip Island world-famous? 

Attractions such as the Penguin Parade and MotoGP have made Melbourne’s Phillip Island world-famous.  For visitors to Melbourne, Phillip Island is often on the top of their bucket list. But what draws these massive crowds, almost every night of the year? There is a long list of attractions on the island, but a few in […]

Why you should visit Phillip Island in Spring

A visit to Phillip Island in Spring is a chance to see wildlife in full swing – it’s breeding season for many of the island’s animals, including Little Penguins.  The warmer days in Spring bring life back to Phillip Island. Sunny days are followed by cooler nights and the build up for summer is on.  […]

Short-tailed shearwaters on Phillip Island

Short-tailed shearwaters on Phillip Island are migratory birds that nest on the island over summertime.  Phillip Island is a nesting ground for thousands of these short-tailed shearwaters. They are also known as mutton birds. They travel from Alaska to build nests and incubate their eggs on the island. During this time they build nests in […]

5 Strange Facts about Australian Animals near Melbourne

Check out these strange facts about Australian animals near Melbourne – then join us on tour to see them live! Australia is home to many of the world’s most recognisable animals, including kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats and Tasmanian Devils. The country’s isolated position means that its wildlife has evolved without outside interference. In addition, many […]

The best place to see wild Australian animals near Melbourne

View Australian animals in the wild near Melbourne, such as kangaroos, wombats and penguins on these great day trips. One of the highlights of visiting Australia is seeing the local wildlife. Many visitors revel in seeing kangaroos bounding along in the wild. Or gazing up into a eucalyptus tree to see a cuddly koala snuggled […]

11 Fun Facts about the Little Penguins on Phillip Island

Here’s 11 fun facts about the Little Penguins on Phillip Island – the stars of the nightly Penguin Parade. The highlight of our Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne is watching thousands of Little Penguins waddle out of the ocean and across the sand at Summerland Beach. The nightly Penguin Parade has long been a […]

Unique Australian animals at Moonlit Sanctuary

Take our Phillip Island tour from Melbourne to discover the unique Australian animals at Moonlit Sanctuary. If you take our Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne, you can enjoy a visit to Moonlit Sanctuary. During your visit you can take a guided wildlife walk to meet and hand-feed many species of native Australian animals.  Learn […]

Wildlife Conservation at Moonlit Sanctuary – Phillip Island Day Tour

Visit Moonlit Sanctuary to learn about wildlife conservation on our Phillip Island day tour from Melbourne.  Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park cares for a range of Australian animals. There’s kangaroos, koalas, wombats, wallabies and more!  Therefore it is a favourite stop on our Phillip Island tour. In addition it is an excellent place to see […]