Be inspired to explore wildlife, walks and waterfalls with our summer guide to the Grampians National Park.

Just a few hours drive from Melbourne is the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. The sandstone peaks of the Grampians mountain range are rich in Aboriginal history and incredible natural environments. Native flora and fauna abound amongst the mountains and valleys that form the national park.

On a day tour from Melbourne you can expect to encounter grand waterfalls, rare wildflowers and native Australia wildlife such as kangaroos, kookaburras, wallabies and emus. Summertime in particular is a great time to visit. The clear days allow for beautiful walking weather and incredible views from the mountain-top lookouts. 

Check out our summer guide to the Grampians National Park – and hopefully you’ll be inspired to travel with us to this incredible national park.

Summer guide to the Grampians National Park

Walking weather

Summer generally provides clear weather and sunshine lighting up the incredible scenery of the Grampians mountain ranges. When it comes to nature walks in the Grampians it is a great season to get out on the hiking trails and bushland tracks. 

Grand Canyon Trail

There are a couple of guided walks we do on the Grampians day tour. Starting at the Wonderland carpark we walk the Grand Canyon Trail. This trail showcases the incredible rocky mountain range. You can marvel at the colours, shapes and sheer size of the rock walls. It is a short but challenging walk because of the incline and the rocky trail. Therefore, good walking shoes are recommended, plus in summer a hat and water bottle are a must. 

Silverband Falls Trail 

Another walk that we do is the trail to Silverband Falls. This trail leads through eucalyptus forest and alongside a stream to reach Silverband Falls. The falls were named because the stream of water falling over the rocks looks like a silver band. However, if it is a hot, dry summer, this waterfall dries up – but you can still enjoy the nature walk!

MacKenzie Falls Trails

You can also do some scenic walks at MacKenzie Falls. For a challenge you can take the stairs all the way to the base of the falls to view the incredible cascades up close. Keep in mind, you need to return up the stairs! For a more relaxing walk, you can venture through bushland at the top of the gorge. It takes you to a scenic lookout high above the MacKenzie River Gorge with spectacular views down to the waterfall and river. 

Incredible views

Clear summer days mean the views from the Grampians lookouts are spectacular. We visit a few different lookouts during the tour to take in the beauty and scale of the National Park. 

Reeds Lookout provides views over the Victoria Valley and all the way south to the end of the mountain range. While from Boroka Lookout you can step out onto the edge of the mountain to see the surrounding countryside, the town of Halls Gap, and the rocky peaks of the central Grampians. 

Flowing waterfallsWaterfalls are abundant in the Grampians National Park. However, summertime can mean there are less, because of the dryer conditions. But there are a couple of waterfalls that flow all year round – Broken Falls and MacKenzie Falls. These falls are both part of the MacKenzie River which flows from Lake Wartook. We visit the MacKenzie Falls picnic area where you can walk to view both. 

Native Wildlife 

The Grampians are home to some incredible native flora and fauna. The variety of forests, wetlands, bushland and mountains provides the habitat for many unique Australian animals. 

Kangaroos and Wallabies

In summer time as you walk the trails you can look for kangaroos and wallabies. They are likely to be hanging out in the shade during the hotter parts of the day. On tour we always stop to visit the kangaroos in Halls Gap at the end of the day. Because in the late afternoon is when they come out of the bushland to feed in grassy areas. 

Native birds 

Emus, the largest Australian bird, are in many locations around the Grampians. On tour you can look for them in Halls Gap, or in the picnic area at the top of MacKenzie Falls. You will also see many other native birds around Halls Gap and the walking trails. Keep an eye out for kookaburras, cockatoos, parrots, rosellas, magpies and more. 

Where is the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park?

The Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park is located west of Melbourne – 3 hours to drive from the city. 

Highlights of the Grampians Day Tour

  • Take a stroll through shady forests to Silverband Falls
  • Time to explore the wildlife and surroundings of Grampians township of Halls Gap
  • Take a short hike from the Wonderland Turntable into the spectacular Grand Canyon
  • Hike to one of the Grampians most famous sites, MacKenzie Falls
  • Enjoy panoramic views from Reeds Lookout and views over the mountain range from Boroka Lookout
  • Spot wild animals in their natural habitat

Tips for visiting the Grampians in Summer

Be sure to bring the right gear for your Grampians trip. Good walking shoes are recommended – you can always wear thongs or sandals but bring walking shoes to change into. A hat and sunscreen is also very necessary for the summer months. Bringing a reusable water bottle is also recommended.

Summer days in the Grampians can be very hot. If extreme temperatures are expected, make sure to drink plenty of water and not stay too long exposed to the sun. Listen to your guide’s advice and make use of the extra drinking water we carry onboard.

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Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator