4 Amazing things to see and do on the Phillip island Penguin tour!

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Phillip Island is well known as one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. Make a day of all that Phillip Island has to offer and top it off with a trip to see the famous fairy penguin parade! It’s all included in Go West Tours Phillip Island Penguin Tours!

Fairy Penguin Parade

Every day for hundreds of years, these little penguins have made the journey to the shores of Phillip Island after their long day of feeding at sea. People from all around the world come to Phillip Island, braving the cold and windy evenings to be enchanted by this amazing spectacle. There is no better way to end your trip than by watching these adorable penguins waddle their way across the beach by sunset. Our knowledgeable tour guides will ensure you experience this from the best viewing points.

Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park

Included in the tour, is entry to the Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park so you can get up close to Australia’s cutest marsupials. This beautiful wildlife park is the perfect natural environment for spotting iconic Australian animals such as echidnas, wallabies and of course Koala’s! Take a leisurely stroll to view or even feed some of Australia’s most Astounding animals in their natural habitat.

Brighton Bathing boxes

The Brighton Beach Boxes are the first stop on our Phillip Island tour, where you’ll get the opportunity to visit the beach and take some time to admire these historic landmarks. These vibrant boxes are visited by hundreds of tourists each day, making Brighton Beach one of the city’s most visited beaches!

Nobbies and Point Grand

A favourite amongst nature lovers, the Nobbies and Point Grand is home to Australia’s largest colony of fur seals and stunning coastal views of the Bass Strait. Our tours make a brief stop at Point Grand so that you may enjoy nature at its finest.

Phillip Island offers an array of places to visit. Combined with Go West Tours, it has the potential to make your trip unforgettable. For more information on the Phillip Island Penguin Tours, contact us today on 9485 5290.