Introducing Go West’s Tour Guide of the Quarter…. Jordan!

Here at Go West, we employ over 40 of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals! You might think these guys have it easy – being able introduce guests from across the globe some of the most incredible destinations across Victoria, but I can assure you it takes a special character to fill this position. After all, you’ll need a charming personality, a great sense of humor (and direction!), and above all….. patience!

That’s why we reward our superstar guides for all of their hard work throughout the year. Today we caught up with Jordan to ask him a few questions and applaud his efforts after finishing on top of the leader board for the quarter!

rst of all, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. My love of travel took me to Canada, where I spent a number of years working in the ski industry and as a white-water raft guide. I recently returned to Australia around Christmas time last year, and to be honest, I’m still getting used to the warmer weather here in Australia!

How did you come to work as a Tour Guide for Go West?
I absolutely love working in the tourism industry, and Go West has been the perfect fit for me. There’s a great team environment here, which has allowed me to further develop my skills in providing great tours for all of my guests.

What do you love about the industry & working for Go West
Leaving the rush of the city behind and going out on an Aussie adventure with my crew. It’s like a one-day road trip with new friends every time! It’s a pretty incredible experience, being able to show people from all around the world some of Australia’s highlights.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced as a guide?
Sometimes the weather can throw some curve balls at you. But I take pride in keeping spirits high despite the odd bit of wet weather. No matter what, I always try to give my guests the best experience possible.

Which is your favourite Go West tour destination and why?
You cannot beat a great day in the Grampians! The views are unforgettable, you’re able to avoid the crowds, and get to experience a very unique place in Australia.

What is your most important advice for guests visiting Melbourne for the first time?
Bring a coat! Melbourne weather can be unpredictable You’re guaranteed to have a great time on tour no matter the weather – but it’s always best to be prepared.

What’s the most memorable experience you have had engaging with a guest or guests?
I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences, especially with a lot of our honeymooning guests. I hope I feature in lots of family photo albums around the world!

What’s your secret to being a fantastic tour guide?
It’s the beard, it gives me special tour guide powers.

We hope you can join us in congratulating Jordan, as well as the whole Go West team on another fantastic few months! Jordan and the rest of our outstanding guides here at Go West are ready to give you an unforgettable day trip that we’re sure will be one of the many highlights of your time here in Australia. Book yours today.