Scots Church, located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, is a historic church that has been serving the Scottish community since 1838.

Scots Church not only serves as a place of worship but also as a symbol of Scottish heritage and culture in Melbourne.

As you step into this church, it’s hard not to be transported back in time to the rolling hills and misty lochs of Scotland. The interior of the church is adorned with stunning stained-glass windows, intricate carvings and beautiful wooden pews. The church’s organ, built in 1872, is a masterpiece of Victorian craftsmanship. The joyful sounds of its pipes fill the church during services and concerts.

But Scots Church is much more than just a beautiful building. It houses a community of people who are passionate about preserving their Scottish heritage and sharing it with the world. The church hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts and traditional dance performances.

Events at Scots Church

One of the most popular events at Scots Church is the annual Burns Night Supper, which is held in honour of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. During this event, attendees are treated to a traditional Scottish meal, complete with haggis, neeps, and tatties, while enjoying readings of Burns’ poetry and live Scottish music. It is always a night filled with laughter, joy, and a strong sense of community.

Pipe and Drum band at Scots Church

Another great way to experience the Scottish culture at Scots Church is by enjoying performances of the pipe and drum band. The church has its own pipe and drum band, the Scots Church Pipes and Drums, which performs at various events throughout Melbourne.

The band is open to anyone who wants to learn the bagpipes or drums, and as such they offer regular lessons and opportunities to perform.

Whether you have Scottish heritage or just love learning about different cultures, a visit to Scots Church is a great idea. Not only will you discover the rich history and culture of Scotland, but you’ll also feel a strong sense of community with the friendly and welcoming people.

History of Scots Church

St. Scot’s Church was established in 1851 by a group of Scottish immigrants who had come to Melbourne during the gold rush. The original St. Scot’s Church was a simple wooden structure located on Collins Street.

As the congregation grew, a larger, more substantial building was needed. Therefore in 1871, a new, grander church was built on the same site. This new church was designed in the Gothic Revival style and featured intricate stonework, stained glass windows, and a striking bell tower. The church’s interior featured a large, ornate pipe organ and beautiful wooden pews.

Over the years, St. Scot’s Church has had a long tradition of supporting the arts and has hosted many concerts, lectures, and exhibitions. It has also been involved in many social justice initiatives.

So, if you’re visiting Melbourne, bet tickets for a concert, attend a Burns Night Supper, or just pop into Scots Church for a visit.

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