Warm weather, wonderful walks and wildlife and are just a few of the reasons why you should visit the Great Ocean Road in spring. 

Australia’s most scenic coastal drive – The Great Ocean Road – winds its way along Victoria’s southern coastline. Just a short drive from Melbourne you’ll find epic surf beaches, winding turns, lush rainforest and spectacular rock formations. 

Springtime brings extra energy along the coast. The cold winter weather starts to disappear. The sun shines through the days, though nights are still cool. The wildlife is active and there are young babies around. Overall it’s an enjoyable experience to tour the Great Ocean Road in spring. 

Note: Spring in Australia is during the months of September, October and November.

Why you should visit the Great Ocean Road in Spring

Spotting wildlife while touring the Great Ocean Road

The sunny days are great for exploring the beaches on the Surf Coast and in the Port Campbell National Park. But you can also keep an eye out for baby wildlife, like koalas and wallabies. Spring is a great time to see young animals in the wild. From marsupials with babies in their pouch, to birds in their nests, to whales passing by in the ocean. 

One of the highlights of our Great Ocean Road tour is seeing koalas in their natural habitat. We stop in at the eucalyptus forests of the Kennett River township. It’s here that these iconic Australian animals can be found. Stroll along the dirt track and keep your eyes on the trees. It’s a wonderful sight to see your first koala in the wild!

It’s even more memorable if your first sighting is of a mother and baby together! Like other marsupials, baby koala are called joeys. After being born they continue to develop in their mother’s pouch for up to six months. After this time, they’ll ride on their mum’s back for another six months, returning to the pouch only to feed and sleep.

Spring weather on the Great Ocean Road 

Spring is a great time to visit the Great Ocean Road. The days become warmer and longer, giving plenty of reasons to go outside and explore. The winding turns and scenic lookouts greet you with a renewed outlook and a sense of calm after the winter. 

Spring weather is generally cool overnight and warm during the day. It’s best to dress in layers, so you can remove a few as the day warms up, and then put them back on again at the end of the day. On the Great Ocean Road we advise the bring a jacket in springtime, even if the forecast is for a sunny day. This is because it can be windy at the coast, and because the tour finishes after sunrise when it will be cool or cold again. 

Spring is also when the time changes to Daylight Savings. This means more daylight at the end of the day, and longer days to enjoy the Great Ocean Road. 

Walking in nature along the Great Ocean Road

Spring is a great time to take a walk through the Otway Rainforest. The streams are full and the ferns a lush green after the winter rain. On tour we visit Maits Rest walking trail. This is a short loop through an area of lush rainforest. 

You can view the towering mountain ash eucalyptus trees overhead, and walk past the myrtle beech trees and tree ferns. The green surrounds of the Great Otway National Park are a stark contrast to the coast. It is a place to breathe in the fresh air and connect with nature. 

This area receives the most rainfall in all of Victoria. Mostly it occurs during the winter months. This means there is a great chance to see the streams and cascades flowing with plenty of water during your visit in Spring. 

Avoid the summer crowds 

Summer is the most popular time for visitors to the Great Ocean Road. This is another reason why visiting in Spring can be a great idea. If you prefer to avoid the busiest times, you can still enjoy nice weather and warmer days in Spring. 

As we have been running tours for over 20 years, we know how to avoid the crowds along the road. Even if you choose to visit in peak times, we will do our best to ensure a comfortable journey and access to all of the best locations.

Whatever time of year you are travelling, we do also recommend our Sunset Tour of the Great Ocean Road for anyone wanting to beat the crowds. It departs later in the day and stays at the Twelve Apostles for sunset. Experiencing the magic of dusk at the Twelve Apostles, after the crowds have departed, is sure to create wonderful memories.  

Want to visit the Great Ocean Road? 

Come and explore the Great Ocean Road – it’s one of the must-see destinations near Melbourne. Enjoy a 12 Apostles tour, visit picturesque cities and townships along this world-famous coastline, and soak up the history of sites like the Loch Ard Gorge. There’s much more to the Great Ocean Road than just the photo opportunities, come and see for yourself!

Tour Highlights: 

  • Spend the day touring the Great Ocean Road
  • Stop for morning tea on the beach at Victoria’s Surf Coast
  • View the spectacular Twelve Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park
  • Explore the Loch Ard Gorge, the site of the Loch Ard shipwreck
  • See koalas in the wild at the Kennett River township
  • Visit the charming coastal township of Apollo Bay for lunch 
  • Walk through the rainforest and towering mountain ash trees in the Great Otway National Park 


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator @gowest.com.au