Whales, the largest creature on earth, are found near the coastal boundaries of the smallest continent of earth, Australia. The Melbourne shorelines and coastal areas offer magical dolphins and whale watching Melbourne species throughout their yearly migration. People witnessed 45 varieties of dolphins and whales, two times a year, traveling to and from Antarctica. For Tourists, the prime time to watch whales during May to October every year. While these mammals are available all along the coastline, you can see them clearly by visiting these spots. So, Here are 5 best spots for watching dolphins and whales in Melbourne in 2023:

1. Cape Woolamai

Set off on a wintertime dolphin and whale watching tours Melbourne expedition that travels past Cape Woolamai’s towering cliffs and around Phillip Island’s southern shore. You’ll look for humpback and southern right whales as they travel their yearly migratory route. There will be knowledgeable whale spotters on board to ensure you never miss a whale sighting while on the cruise.

While they are feeding and playing in the water, look for dolphin pods. Along with seeing whales and dolphins, you could also view seals and various birds, including the frequently sighted wandering albatrosses. Along the voyage, the skipper will offer comments in addition to the experienced whale spotter.

2. Frankston: Port Phillip Bay water Bike Tour

Take a Port Phillip Bay Bike tour to see these frolicking, amiable creatures up close, or swim with them as they playfully play alongside your boat. You may see dolphins in the bay from the coast and witness bottlenose dolphins in addition to common dolphins, which you won’t see anywhere else. Join a bay cruise led by specially licensed operators if you want a closer look.

Additionally, keep an eye out for dolphins riding the surf in front of the Sorrento Car And Passenger Ferry heading to and from Queenscliff. The uncommon and threatened burrunan dolphin lives in the Gippsland Lakes, yet most dolphins are in Port Phillip Bay Bike Tour. Take a boat or go on a tour, and look for their welcoming faces emerging above the waters.

3. Portland

From Warrnambool, continue traveling west until you reach Portland, a town with barely 10,000 residents and whales. Visit in the summer for something special: blue whales. Southern right whales may be seen migrating and calving from May to October.

The biggest animal to ever live makes sporadic appearances in Portland from November to May: the giant blue whale. The overlook on Wade Street and viewing spots at Portland Harbour and Bridgewater Bay are some of the greatest places to see whales.

4. The Great Ocean Road

If you’ve ever driven down it, you’ll understand why the Great Ocean Road is a fantastic location for whale viewing. There are several places to pull over and view whales throughout the 243-kilometer stretch of road.

There may be the most breathtaking roadside overlook between Lorne and Apollo Bay. The route is narrow and has numerous blind turns, so be cautious about stopping at the marked stopping zones. Whales may also be seen at Apollo Bay beach, where they can approach the coast by up to 100 meters.

5. Wilsons Promontory

The shoreline of this national park is located at the southernmost point of the Melbourne mainland. It is the ideal place to attempt to view whales as they migrate back north after giving birth. Although southern right whales are occasionally observed here, humpback whale sightings in this area predominate. You could also have a chance to see dolphins, fur seals, and albatrosses if you’re lucky.


In Melbourne, people enjoy whale watching on land or as part of a trip. There is no greater remedy than a day excursion from Melbourne if you need a break from the inner-city grind. Dolphin and Whale watching near Melbourne are a must-do activity in the winter. You will never forget the pleasure of observing these magnificent, extremely intelligent, family-oriented creatures at ease in their native environment.