On Australia’s southeast coast, there is a large and energetic city called Melbourne. The city frequently hosts top-notch cultural events, and Melbourne’s cafe, culinary, and sporting scenes are all equally impressive.
Melbourne offers a variety of tours, as well as a lot of things to see and do while there. The best way to make the most of your trip is to take a tour, which is also a wonderful way to see both the city and its breathtaking natural surroundings.
From the adventurous to the romantic, Melbourne offers tours for all types of tourists.

1. Melbourne Cruise
Take a trip down the Yarra River by boarding a floating restaurant. This tour includes a four-course meal and an unimaginably romantic setting! Enjoy the cityscape views or sparkling lights as your boat meanders along the Yarra. While you unwind and take in the atmosphere, you’ll be treated to a delectable four-course meal prepared by talented chefs. Drinks are available all across the cruise, and you can finish your dinner with tea or coffee and a bottle of liqueur or port.

2. Wilsons Promontory National Park
Wilsons Promontory National Park, also known as The Prom by locals. It is the biggest coastal wilderness area in the state and a haven for photographers and nature enthusiasts. It takes a while to get there for a day trip, but the breathtaking scenery of pristine beaches, cool-climate rainforests, and craggy granite peaks make the journey worthwhile. There are many activities available for outdoor enthusiasts. From short, one-hour strolls to multi-day treks, scenic hikes crisscross the bushland.

3. Penguin Parade and Koala Tour
Discover the wonders of Australian wildlife at Penguin Parade. Starting in the city, you will travel to Maru Koala and Wildlife Park, where you will have the chance to hand-feed some Australian wildlife. The tour’s high point is when everyone gathers at dusk to watch the little fairy penguins waddle back to the safety of the dunes after a tiring day of fishing at sea!

4. Peninsula Hot Springs
How about a filling organic meal, and a soak in steaming mineral spring pools? At Peninsula Hot Springs in the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, you can do all of this and more. So are you up for a Turkish bath? Walk for reflexology? The Bath House offers 50 different bathing options from all over the world. Or perhaps you’d like to take a dip in a cave pool or relax on a hilltop with stunning views.

Daylesford: Day Spas and Mineral Springs
A day trip to Daylesford, which skirts the Wombat State Forest, is ideal for a luxurious city getaway. This charming country town, known as the spa capital of Australia, is known for its relaxing mineral springs, wellness centers, and day spas. Numerous Swiss and Italian immigrants settled here as a result of the town’s healing mineral springs and the gold rush, giving it an antique atmosphere. It features stunning views of the city, impressive art galleries, a chapel, and a museum.
You can explore the town’s charming shops, flea markets, and historic structures.

One of the best ways to see Melbourne and its surroundings is to go on a tour! They relieve your stress and give you the chance to do things that you otherwise couldn’t. An amazing variety of experiences are available on Melbourne tours. You can ride a steam train through the jungle, hand feed koalas, watch a firework show from a kayak, and drift through the clouds at sunrise. Every type of traveler can find the perfect tour!