Here’s our guide to the best time to visit the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne’s seaside playground. 

Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula is famous for hot springs, beaches, trendy seaside towns, and coastal views. There’s a lot to love above this day trip from the city. 

It’s only a one hour drive to get from Melbourne to the heart of the Mornington Peninsula. This proximity to the city makes it perfect for a day trip – because you can spend more time exploring and less time in the bus! 

The highlight of our day tour to this beautiful region is the Peninsula Hot Springs. Bath in the hot mineral pools and feel all your worries slip away. But we won’t let you leave the region without exploring some of the other highlights – the historic town of Sorrento, the Mt Martha Bathing Boxes and plenty of excellent coastal lookouts. 

Here’s our guide to the seasons so you can choose what is the best time to visit the Mornington Peninsula.

The best time to visit the Mornington Peninsula

Autumn: March, April, May

Autumn is a great time to visit the Mornington Peninsula without the crowds. As the weather cools down, the Peninsula is a quieter and calmer place to explore. The Hot Springs in particular are nice to enjoy in cooler weather. Indulge in the turkish sauna or massage showers and sink into the Hot Pools to relax. 

The lookouts in particular are spectacular on a clear autumn day. From Arthurs Seat you can see across the bay to the city skyline. On the Millionaire’s Walk, you’ll understand why that stretch of coastline got its name. For autumn we recommend bringing extra layers of clothing to put on after the Hot Springs and in case it cools down at the end of the day.  

Winter: June, July, August

Winter is a great time to visit the Peninsula Hot Springs. There’s no better feeling than sinking into a hot mineral pool on a cold winter’s day. Rug up in a white robe (that you can hire on the day) and wander between the hot pools of various temperatures and the various other spa experiences. 

Winter is also a nice time to explore the Peninsula without the crowds. Sit inside a warm cafe and enjoy a hot lunch in Sorrento. Wander along the Mt Martha beach and take photos of the bathing boxes with no one else in sight. Plus enjoy the day in the comfort of our heated bus, with your own driver guide to keep you entertained and informed. 

Spring: September, October, November

Spring is when the Peninsula comes to life. The warmer days bring people back to the beaches. The towns get busierer in preparation for the summertime. The promise of hot weather gets everyone excited for the summer days ahead. Spring is a nice time to visit the Mornington Peninsula before it gets too crowded – but you can still enjoy the seaside with nice weather.

The Peninsula Hot Springs are great in Spring. The warmer temperatures make it more comfortable to walk around and try all of the different experiences. Stroll along the reflexology walk to relax your whole body, or try out the massage showers. Sit and relax in the sauna, or experience a Turkish bath instead. 

Summer: December, January, February

The summer months showcase the Mornington Peninsula at its finest. The towns are buzzing with activity, the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay glisten in the sun and the cellar weather provide spectacular views from the lookouts. A day trip out of the city to this beautiful region in summer will reveal why this is a favourite holiday spot for Melburnians.

Perhaps the only thing to consider with summer travel is that the Peninsula Hot Springs experience is different in summer. Particularly if hot temperatures are forecast for the day of the tour, we recommend you drink plenty of water and limit your time in the hot pools so as not to overheat. It’s the best time of year to enjoy the cold plunge pools and ice chamber!

Take a tour to the Mornington Peninsula

Whatever time of year you visit the Mornington Peninsula, here’s the highlights of our tour which we know you will enjoy. 

Soak in mineral hot spring

The award winning Peninsula Hot Springs is the highlight of the Mornington Peninsula. Natural mineral water is pumped from below ground into purpose built pools. You can follow the winding path uphill and find the pools dotted amongst the trees.  At the very top of the hill is a hot pool with 360 degree views of the surrounding peninsula. 

Spa experiences 

In addition to the hot pools, the Peninsula Hot Springs boasts over 50 spa experiences. Indulge in a Turkish sauna, massage showers, reflexology walk or foot spas. Take a chilly dip in the cold plunge pools, or step inside the ice chamber. 

Explore the Peninsula 

After your morning visit to the Hot Springs, your guide will take you to visit other great attractions on the Mornington Peninsula including Millionaire’s Walk, London Bridge Lookout, Mt Martha bathing boxes and Arthurs Seat. 

Enjoy lunch in Sorrento 

Take a tasty lunch break in the trendy beachside town of Sorrento. Almost at the tip of the peninsula, this is the perfect place for a lunch break. There are cafes and restaurants offering great meal options year round. Warm up with a hot soup or toasted sandwich in winter, or eat fish and chips on the beach in summer!


Written by: Leah Furey – Digital Content Coordinator