Are you ready to have the scariest experience of your life? Hauntville is a festival celebrating all things spooky, scary and macabre, and it’s popping up at Burnley Circus Park in the lead-up to Halloween. The halloween festival is jam packed with haunting experiences, from the haunted house to the spooky performers that roam around the festival.

Hauntville has been crowned one of the best halloween experiences in Melbourne – are you brave enough to enter?

What’s On?
Hauntville is not for the faint-hearted, with many frightening and terrifying creatures roaming the grounds. One of the spine tingling highlights is the Cirque Du Slay, the haunted house that will bring your spookiest fears to life. With demonic clowns, undead acrobats and a mysterious suspicious looking ringmaster who is behind it all, you’ll be crying for mummy before you know it. If that’s not already enough, the Yarra River Coffinworks will be opened to the ones that dare. The Coffinworks is an underground facility with dead spirits, undead zombies and vampires lurking the place – and they are not to happy about being disturbed by visitors.

If you need a breather, the Fright Night Bar is serving up freaky snacks all festival long, or head to one of the many Haunted food trucks. Enjoy the large selection of Halloween themed food and drinks, from witch brewed sangria to Loaded Gourmet Hot Dogs. If the haunted houses are too much for your heart to take on, you can still enjoy many other attractions on the festival grounds. Try your luck at on of the carnival games to win spooky prizes, listen to ghost stories in the haunted graveyard, or get a picture at the Photo Booth to prove you faced you greatest fears.

Families and Children of 12 years and younger are encouraged to come in the early-bird hours of the festival between 4pm-6pm, for a less scary but extremely entertaining halloween experience. During these hours Cirque Du Slay will offer a family friendly haunt experience, with only friendly characters and no monster trying to jump scare you. Kids can also join in on the trick or treat walk to collect candy from the two trick or treat booths. On top of this, children can also try out the creepy CarnEvil with games for all ages.

The event is being held over two weekends, the first weekend starts on the 19th of October and last until the 21st and will start again on the 26th until the 28th. The festival is located on the Burnley Circus Park in Hawthorn. To find your way to the festival we recommend to use this link to find your optimal way of getting to the festival grounds.