Melbourne, a city known for its love of coffee, passion for sports, and abundance of art, genuinely lives up to its image. There are many amazing day excursions from Victoria to locations nearby that are equally as spectacular as taking you to some of Australia’s most breathtaking rural areas.

Experts in all things Melbourne and Victoria, Last Minute Day Tours provides a variety of inexpensive Melbourne day tours, both within the city and outside of it. There are excursions offered to visit all across Victoria for those looking for a brief city vacation.

1. Phillip Island
Phillip Island, one of the best 3-day excursions from Melbourne, is a wonderful place to visit if you love animals because it is home to koalas, wallabies, seals, and penguins. As you see one of the most amazing displays worldwide. Seeing them navigate the dunes to their home as they are followed along boardwalks is fun. A refreshing swim in the ocean, kayaking, aqua-biking, paintball, and fur-seal spotting are among the more thrilling pursuits.

2. The Dandenongs
This is one of the simplest day excursions from Melbourne by public transportation and is renowned for its beautiful gardens and extensive woodlands. Nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss it. Visit the breathtaking National rhododendron gardens, bursting with flowers and cherries, to get a taste of this lush location. The peace and beauty of a stroll through the fern-filled gullies of Sherbrooke Forest, broken only by the sound of kookaburras and cockatoos, nourish the mind, body, and soul.

3. Mornington Peninsula
With its abundance of activities and sights, a journey to the Mornington Peninsula from Melbourne is certain to be one of the most enjoyable day excursions for families. With its distinctive hedge labyrinth and nearby strawberry picking, the Enchanted Adventure Garden will be a blast for youngsters. Numerous intriguing activities are available, such as wine tasting at the area’s numerous vineyards, bathing in the Peninsula Hot Springs, or relaxing at spa facilities.

4. Queenscliff
This little beach resort town on the Bellarine Peninsula prides itself on memorable experiences. It can provide visitors from Melbourne searching for fun day getaways. The town, with its charming markets, exudes the charm of the Victorian era. Additionally, there are charming streets, art galleries, artisan shops, and trendy restaurants offering delectable seafood. You may unwind at the lovely coastal resorts or experience aquatic adventure with boating, deep-sea diving, and snorkeling.

5. Ballarat
The ancient town of Ballarat is one of the best alternatives for day excursions from Melbourne in the winter. Transports you back to the time of the gold rush thanks to its living museum and other attractions. The Ballarat Winter Festival brings the town to life, and there are plenty of other enjoyable things to do all year long. It is a mash-up of concerts, ghost tours, food and wine activities, and the excellent art fair at Sovereign Hill. One of the most practical day journeys from Melbourne by rail is to this intriguing town.

Several day trips from Melbourne provide a variety of gratifying experiences to add to your travel palate if you’re seeking a peaceful weekend escape. With so many fascinating day excursions available from Melbourne, it’s smart to have a few extra days available to see Victoria’s many hidden gems around the attractive city. So don’t hesitate to plan your next vacation to Australia for a truly unique experience.