The greatest way to enjoy this lovely region is on road trips to Melbourne Australia. Melbourne is fortunate to have some of Australia’s most moderate weather. Melbourne’s colorful and cosmopolitan city is the perfect place to begin your road journey through southeast Australia. You could find yourself staying longer than expected because there is a tonne to do both in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Below we mentioned 5 best road trip to Melbourne Australia:

1. Adelaide

One of the most beautiful road drives you can do anywhere in the world is from Adelaide to Melbourne Great Ocean Road Tour. As you journey between two of the nation’s most vibrant cities, you will travel through South Australia’s breathtaking coastline for a little over 1000 kilometers before entering Victoria.

On the trip from Adelaide to Melbourne, you’ll pass across isolated beaches, windswept cliff tops, wild national parks, and attractive seaside towns. On the journey’s last leg, you’ll travel through one of Australia’s most recognizable strips of road.

2. Canberra

From Kosciuszko National Park, go north to Canberra, Australia’s capital city, which is incredibly undervalued and underdeveloped. The nation’s capital is gradually establishing a reputation as a major cultural center. This is being overlooked by Sydney and Melbourne, which are both bigger and more recognized. The well-designed city is simple to navigate before touring the national parliament and taking in the excellent national museum.

3. Eden

Before arriving at Eden, a place that is as lovely as its name suggests, you must cross the border from Victoria into New South Wales by continuing on the coastal route.

You can experience the finest of what is known as the Sapphire Coast at this seaside hamlet, which is undoubtedly stunning. The town’s unusual and cordial connection with orcas and its past whaling history are all covered at the local museum. There are also long beaches and blue oceans.

4. Narooma

The similarly stunning seaside community of Narooma, which is well-known for the caliber of its oysters, is located just up the road from Eden. Along with the distinctive sight of Australia Rock, you may enjoy the beaches and waters in this location.

The natural opening in a sizable rock nearly perfectly resembles the country and provides stunning views over the town. If you have the opportunity, take a boat out to Montague Island, which is a few miles offshore and is home to seals and penguins that thrive in this protected environment.

5. Walhalla

Walhalla is one of the fascinating stops from Melbourne to Sydney. This little village, found in the Victorian countryside, was once a thriving center for gold mining in the middle of the 19th century. Today, travelers wanting something different are drawn to this haunted location. And residents have even started to recreate many of the historic structures, transforming the village into an outdoor museum.


Melbourne has amazing museums and art galleries, hip street art that can be explored on a bike, and delicious coffee blends for parents. Road trips to Melbourne Australia are a popular choice of vacation because of the exhilaration of the open road and the flexibility to explore foreign places. Driving is a fantastic way to explore Melbourne, Australia’s magnificent natural surroundings and variety of attractions.