When you think of multi-day tours Melbourne there are so many options that you have. For example, you can always go on a tour of Grand Ocean Road from the capital of Victoria. The journey would not take more than a couple of days at the most and this is why it is such a great option for the weekends. This particular tour would also provide you with the chance to venture beyond the tourist trail. This detailed trip would let you follow the iconic coastal route even as you drive past beautiful bays, windswept beaches, and dramatic landmarks. The surf beach at Torquay is a major attraction of this tour.

The same can also be said of Erskine Falls. On these trips, you would also be taken on bushwalks where you would come across the likes of wild kangaroos, parrots, and koalas.

Great Ocean Road combined with Grampians

As far as multi-day tours Melbourne goes, it does not get much better than this. This two-day trip combines Great Ocean Road along with Grampians National Park. It also offers you a short break – or escape if you will – from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne life. This trip would provide you with a good indication of the spectacular wildlife and landscapes that you find here in Australia. On this trip, you must reserve some time to spot a few koalas in the wild.

From Melbourne to Adelaide 

This is one of the best multi-day tours Melbourne covering three days and taking you along the Southeast Coast. The wilderness destinations en route would be some of the very best that you would get in the country and the towns are as picturesque as it gets. All these factors contribute significantly to making this a trip of epic proportions. National parks and surf beaches are additional perks of the tour. This particular tour would allow you to see rain forests, towering waterfalls, and koalas in the wild.

Traveling the Great Ocean Road in reverse

This three-day sojourn is regarded by many as being among the best multi-day tours Melbourne. A major benefit of this journey is that you do not have to worry about the crowds that are normally heading in the other direction. It would also let you learn more about the scenic landscapes en route as well as the coastal towns that are so pretty! On this tour you could visit sites such as the following:

  • 2 Apostles
  • London Bridge
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • Great Otway National Park Rainforest
  • Port Campbell

Gourmet trips to the Yarra Valley 

If you are looking for multi-day tours Melbourne and are a person with a taste for good food and wine this one is surely for you! This tour lets you enjoy the region at its authentic best. Here you can visit the local farmers and get to see wineries that are run by artisan producers and the families over here. It would be like you are traveling through a patchwork of farmlands and vineyards. You would get to taste the finest wine at the best wineries and sample handmade chocolates that are as scrumptious as it gets at the leading chocolateries over here.

Walking across Melbourne

When people think of the finest multi-day tours Melbourne this is not one option that comes immediately to one’s mind. However, this is one trip that you must undertake as it would help you discover the various bars of the city that are hidden in the various lanes and by-lanes. This way, you would be able to sip the drinks that you like at these establishments. This includes the finest cocktails, beer, and wine from Australia. You would be amazed at the variety that you get to see over here.

Touring Phillip Island along with the penguin parade 

This is one of the multi-day tours Melbourne that you must never miss especially if you are visiting the city from another country. Visiting Phillip Island would allow you to see the penguin parade that this part of the world is known well for. You can be sure that the facilities associated with the trip such as accommodation, transportation, and meals would also provide you with a pleasant experience of the visit.

Touring Melbourne

These multi-day tours Melbourne normally take up around eight days and are perfect options for people who are about to start a new life here in Australia considering the comprehensive nature of the same. They normally include facilities such as hostel accommodation and airport transfers. Here you would be taken on various excursions such as tasting trips, and road trips to locations such as Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsula. It is but obvious that such a tour would include a trip around the city as well. These trips also offer you administrative assistance like getting a number that helps you file taxes and open bank accounts.

Camping and surfing tours along Great Ocean Road 

This can be easily counted as being among the multi-day tours Melbourne because it lets you visit all the highlights of Great Ocean Road, which is famed around the world let alone in Australia. These two-day road trips are action-packed and let you learn how to surf. Even as you learn surfing over a couple of hours on the beaches you also get to come across wild kangaroos and koalas. Apart from that, on this trip, you get to soak up the scenery in a teepee like the ones that Native Americans use.


The multi-day tours Melbourne let you explore different facets of the city as well as the state of Victoria by extension. This helps you get a peek into life in general in Australia as well. A great example of such tours is the cycle tours that take you to the south of the country. The beauty of these tours is that they let you move with independence even as you move along the Great Southern Rail Trail of Australia. Here you can be sure that you would not have to bother about the tour logistics.