Meet some Happy Guests – Carl-Erik from Norway!

Here at Go West we’re are incredibly lucky to have thousands of wonderful guests that join us on tour from all over the world. On today’s tour were delighted to meet Carl-Eric from Norway! He had a chat to us about traveling solo across the globe and his time in Australia.

Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m Carl-Erik from Oslo, Norway. I’ve been traveling non-stop to every country in the world and have been living abroad for the last 22 years (mostly in Asia). Formerly an Architect, I also owned a chain of jewellery stores. I love Melbourne, and I’m currently renting a modern apartment in Abbotsford.

How long are you staying in Australia? How long is your stay in Melbourne?
At the moment I’m spending 3 weeks in Australia. I’ll be visiting Cairns, Whitsundays, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. I’ll then be moving on to Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji & New Zealand.

What else are you doing while in Melbourne?
Taking photos absolutely everywhere I go, visiting wineries, and looking for Dame Edna Everage

What are your impressions of Australia & Australians so far? How are we different?
I absolutely love Australia! Australians are very friendly and honest – way more than Scandinavians.

From your experience, what is your most important advice for guests visiting Melbourne for the first time?
Come prepared! Read about the city before you go, so you know what you want to do before you arrive. You don’t want to miss any important places or events.

Tell us about your favourite travel memory or experience.
I have so many! I’ve been all over the world so I’s hard to pick one. Maybe my happiest memory is when I forgot my bag with my passport, phone, wallet, and all my credit cards in a taxi in Peru. After this disaster the driver actually happened to find me and gave the bag back. I cried in relief!

Tell us about your tour with Go West. What was your favourite part of the tour?
I think the whole trip was interesting – but of course the 12 Apostles stand out!